Berkana, and Laguz

Have wanted say me this!  When i woke and i seen this pic all my world has been turned on the contrary.
Every i thought till to this point, was damneding true: i have a lump in throat that is choking me from inside.
Now the soft punch in the stomach has become that brick that i’ve described in my lastest two short stories.
I had felt our eletric shocks crossing my mind fast in these days: they were quick, and they were lasted really few seconds, but they has been so profound. 
You wanted say me this. 

I still see Berkana, and Laguz in my little bag that i have on my desk, despite i shaked it, but they are always well visible. 

I have the mind dazed.
I can’t swallow.
And you think, that before i found it did really exists, it was, like this, just in my mind: and now you are there…. in Our Parallel World, in The Burn Valley…. I think to go crazy

I try to go to slam against wall to say me: “Isn’t possible” but you are there.
Everything i figured till now is there in front of me.
I held back the breathe for then throw it away.
At end the tears are fallen, and those runes are still in front of me…. 

You in Our Parallel World, in The Burn Valley: is there something else you want to say me?


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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