“At my table” – short story ♠53♠

I was staring that roll, without to know what it have could contain. 
I threw a look to Barb who has ran to me with my big glass of mineral water, then she has said me that she would have take me my usual breakfast, but i murmered her something. 
From when i sat, my stomach has closed, and anything i would have tried to eat, it would be a brick, maybe that simple liquid it would have help me to exceed that phase of pure astonishment.

That strange atmosphere was surround the entire bar, and whoever enter has been server quickly by Barb.
Those roll of sheets of paper were still in front of me, and they were just waiting for to be open, but who was staring me, with heart in throat, knew well that that wasn’t the right place.
Million of thoughts were running across my mind.
My name on that little leather strap said everything. 

That morning, the only two persons who was give a magical touch of that provincial bar, in their own way, wanted stay together alone, and Philip had understood it, when he seen me touch with a such delicateness that small leather strap.
I don’t know how many times i will have touch it.

Barb was about to bring me my breakfast, but she has been warned by Philip that i was enter in a bubble all mine, and he adviced her to leave everything where it was: he would have put everything in a bag, and he would been him to come to me: he knew me better, and in those case, whoever had broken that atmosphere around my table would be swallow in something bigger than him, and it would have took days to get out. 

He gave a pat on Barb shoulder, and he said her: “Trust me… they both, have something magical inside: they have to just understand how to approach each other, and this, maybe, is the right way.”
Barb was look at Philip astonished, and in a sigh asked: “… and that one that has happened yesterday evening?” 
“It has been an act of really courage, and maybe it have to happened: we have push to create a further magical atmosphere, but the big he has done him. Someone had to begin the real magic, and to be sincere: he hasn’t been him!”
Barb has looked at him speechless, and in her big blue eyes it was printing a great: “What you say?”
He was smiling: he knew what he was saying. 
“He has looked at Daria going outside, to that bench, and in that tiny instant everything has started to turn to the right way: i don’t know what he said her, but what he said her, it has unleash something that it is tangible even now in the air.”
The big eyes of Barb have wide, and slowly she nodded: she had to give up herself to the evidence, even if, she was much skeptical to these things, and slowly both have turned their glance toward me, who seemed stay in another planet.

That morning was going slow: it seemd it was going at our rhythm. 
Philip had ordered Barb to get prepared the breakfast bag for me, and she had left him alone to the counter.
Just few another clients has entered to take a quick cup of coffee or the pack of cigarettes, or just only to say “hi” to Philip, who got it back them, always with a glance toward me.

Finally, i’ve decided to unfasten the leather strap, to see what you had wanted give me so urgently.
From the counter, Philip was attending to that scene. Even him, was breathless. 
Even if, i wanted be in another place, i have opened one of the sheets of paper, and i had a thud.
I was looking at a sketch you had drawn. 
My profile, that sparkle in the eyes, and that halo that was enveloping me.
I could not do anything else: i had pulled out just that sketch, but there were other sheets of paper, but it had left as much breathless that i had understand nothing no longer.

I was studying each shades you had put on that draw, figuring you with that pencil, and just almost at end i have noticed that symbol to the corner of that big sheet of paper: all in a stroke the breathe has stopped, and my head is exploded. i have widen the eyes, looking at Philip i have shaking the head making him that i have would not can do it, and really slow i got up, and have left the bar, with all the sheets of paper in hand.

I had to, and wanted stay alone. With you.”


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