“After left those” – ♠52♠

Sheets of papers on the counter, you got back in the apartment, and you went in bed, this time for really rest, not before to have collected all the rest of them, and have take a pencil.

You wanted to take a look for a last time on what you had wrote, and above all to see the other sketches you had drawn.
You have taken one of these, and for a moment you have stared it, then you have started to perfecting it, with some details that were hammering your mind. 
With a touch of skill, you has been capable to catch my soft and sweet breathe, that was making that moment, still more magic.

At end, like a painter, you have threw a look to that sketch, that little by little, was becoming realistic, and you have looked at that profile, throwing away all the air from the lungs. Then, slowly you have laid on matress, and you have closed the eyes, and thinking about me, you fallen asleep.

I was about to wake me.
The sunlight was blinding the small room, and i hadn’t nothing to defeat those rays, that little by little, was eating it centimeter by centimeter, above all the big bed that occupied half room.
The warmth was about to warming my feet, and that it was the first sign that i had slept enough, and i had to come out from that comfortable bed.
I was feeling that heat running fast on the blanket, and the voice of Philip was filling my head. 

All in a stroke, i have opened the eyes, and i remembered about that small reading i had done with my Runes. 
Everything seemed a craziness, i got up, and i went in bathroom. I stared myself in the mirror. 
I freshen me, and i went to open more the curtain.
The air that was entering, had something that was chilling the blood, and i threw a look toward the leather little bag next to the window.

I dressed fast, and i closed the door behind me: if i would remained there, despite the warm rays of the sun were warm, i would be chilled.
I haven’t taken the shortcut within the two buildings: this time i wanted to feel those rays on my skin, and i wanted feel the warmth inside me. In that short time, it had chilled my blood, and i had need something warm, even if that warm have would chill me more.

Came out from the building i stopped for a second, and i lifted the face to the sky: that shiver, has immediatelly arrived, crossing me quickly. 
Despite was the coldest shiver i ever had, immediately after, i felt better, and with all calm i reached the bar.
Outside i crossed the glance of Barb who has got back inside to warn Philip.

Philip had still those sheets of paper in front of him on the counter, and he stared them, without know how to give them to me.
Barb warning him where i was each step i was making, and when she has sighed: “She’s next to the street lamp”, it was meaning that i was really close to enter: without thinking about it much, Philip has taken them, and in hurry, has brought them at my table, and he placed them on, then he got back sit on his iron stool.
He held back the breathe, for then throw it away, as soon i entered in, i smiled him.
“Did you have feel what strange atmosphere is around today?” i said, noticing the glance of both, who were staring at me in silence, and that silence was lasting  from a bit, but the smart Barb has broken it, smiling at me nodding.
“Dearest, you want the usual?” she asked walking backward toward my table, looking at Philip in search of some help.
Philip didn’t know what he could say.

That strange atmosphere had enveloped him. I have noticed it immediately, and more i was approaching at my table, his gaze was looking at the sheets of  paper well folded with a little leather strap. 
I slowed down, but when i arrivedd at my table, i turned my glance toward him, who was breathless, and he seemed unable to talk.

On that little leather strap was my name. 
I settled at that table, looking at that roll of sheets of paper: all in a stroke, my mind has opened itself, and a soft purple light that i only could see, has entered inside me.
Looking that roll, i held back the breathe, and a voice from far, was saying: “He has brought them this morning very soon.” 
It was Philip who was able to speak. 
But i, already, was to another part.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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