“That morning” short story ♠51♠

You have believed to have sleep  for long, instead, you had slept just few hours. 
Everything was still in your mind, and when you have threw a look around you, everything was like how you have left: sheets of papers scattered  on floor, and my face sketched on a couple of them.
You have, even forgot that you fallen asleep naked, but this was the fact less important, but what has astonished you more, was that the moon was still high despite the sky was becoming always more clear each minutes was passing by.

Seemed she wanted don’t  go away after what you had said me on that bench.
Seemed, everything was turning round to what you had sighed me.

You have taken those sheet of paper where you have sketched my face, and seemed you was studying one by one, to catch every shades you had drawn, then you have added other particulars at each of them: one symbol per sheet of paper, then you have left them fall again on the floor, as if  it has been an interior voice to say you to do it.
Then, you have held back the breathe, and you remained to stared the moon that slowly was leaving the place to the sun. 
That slow passage has been like a passage of your rise to your conscious part.

You had still the three sketches of my profile in hand, and now you was staring those symbols that you had added, but you still was looking at them astonished: you didn’t have remembered when you had added them, and more you tried, more you had a total void. 
Of those three symbols you knew their meaning, and however you went foward. 
You was awakening fast from that strange atmosphere that had enveloped you in the previous hours.

Slowly, you went upstairs to freshen you, and in someway, give you a further shake.
From the open window of the bedroom was not entering none noise from outside: it seemed like that in that city the only inhabitant was you.
The only soft buzz was of that the delicate, and fresh air that was entering, that in her own way, was making chilling everything in the apartment, and was sweeping away, all what you was feeling in those instants.

Dressed, you went downstairs: despite was a big space, you was about to explode, if you hadn’t go out: you looked at you around, and the only things you wanted to take were those three sketches you had drawn, with some sheets of  papers where you had put down some thoughts.

The air was slapping your face with some thin chill blades of  wind, and despite were few gusts of wind, everything seemed stand still.
You directed yourself toward the only place, where you was sure to find warmth, and maybe to find those eyes that you had tried to draw in those sketches. 
Slowly, you came out from that strange garden with iron spikes inside the concrete, closed by a rusty gate, and closing it with big stroke, you have started to walk along the sidewalk, lifting you the collar of that leather jacket you had on.

The air, that morning was entering in the bones, and step by step, your walk has become faster, as long you entered in that bar, settling yourself on your usual green stool ahead the counter, you have placed all those sheet of paper well folded up on it. 
Philip has came immediately to you, looking at what you had brought, questioning what they were, without say nothing.
“It’s something that i would like to leave for her…” you said, looking at them, as if, even you didn’t know what they were, but in that your lost glance, you was still questioning yourself, why you had drawn two of those three symbols, even if you knew well their meaning.

Since you entered in his bar, Philip hadn’t ever seen you confuse like this, and faraway: you seemed still under the effect of that strange wakening, but enough lucid mentally to ask him to give them to me, when i would arrived.
He had understood that you would not remained.
He has looked at you astonished, but he nodded, you have nodded back it to him, and you have left the local. 
Barb has approached to his chief, looking at him, questioning herself: “What’s happened?”
Philip shrugged, looking at the sheets of papers well folded up.”


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