Like a sweet bomb

My head has exploded in the exact instants which i threw a look at my smartphone, it has marked the three and three (03:03) and in those precise instants you have posted your latest pictures on instagram.
My head has begun to pulse like a jackhammer, and our sweet eletric shocks has begun to cross my mind, and now i don’t want think about it.

Everything it is tightening me more, around to these small things
Now i can see them, like a big rope that, little by little is tightening itself around us, and it is lauching to catch our being, for then holding them united well, despite this distance.

Before i wanted to believe that it was a joke of only my mind, but after this, i can hold back the breathe, and look for to don’t think about it. 

My head is spinning, and delicately i can feel our eletric shocks crossing our minds. 
Before they were  really fast, and i didn’t hear them from long.
I must to rest.
Everything is overwhelming me.
My head is hammering me.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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