“Arrived” – short story ♠49♠

In the apartment, seemed you had  run for miles and miles. You missed the breathe, and your head has started to spin.
You had the sensation that milion and milion of  pins were piercing your mind, and those your words were hammering your being. 
However, you have thought it has been the best thing you ever done. 
You threw  back on sofa, and you could still hear my sweet breathe.
For a short instant, you have stared at the hand that you had placed on my shoulder, and you had hoped to have  catch some fragrance, even of  my clothes, and slow you have put it in front of your nose, to feel something, but you haven’t feel anything.
You have closed the eyes.
“Maybe it’s better like this” you said yourself.

It was late, and perhaps it was better to go to sleep: slowly you took clothes off, scatterring the clothes on the floor. 
Your mind, and your thoughts were, still at that bench, and you seemed a lost soul, when a moonlight has entered in the apartment, and it has paralized you. 
Her pale rays, have enveloped you, and you have held back the breathe: without move any muscle you have stared it, and without realizing you have whispered my name.
It seemed she had listened to you, and behind her pale light, she have make her appearence
It was the first time that she was so close, and you was still looking at her thinking about me.

You didn’t want to leave the big window, but you wanted that all her light could enter in in that open space, therefore you have turned off all the few light on, then you got back next to the sofa, and you settled, all naked, on the floor in front of her, following her slow movements. 

In her, you could hear my soft breathes, and more you was looking at her, more was growing inside you the desire to dare always more: you have seen my weakness, and maybe that one has made you challenge you first shame, and now, you only wanted stay by my side, whatever was happened.
In her, you could see something of me. 
You have remember the very first time you have seen me: you have seen my shadow, a mysterious shadow, that in her own way, had fascinated you, and she had gave the force that you had thought to have lose. 
A mysterios shadow, that little by little, you have discover to be a solitary girl, but in her solitude, had much to give. 

On the small table next to the sofa, you had always some sheet of paper and something to write with.
Without thinking much, you have taken all the necessary, almost spontaneously, you have begun to sketch some draws with some few words next, and without realizing, you had filled two sheet of paper, with what you remembered of those few instants close to me, and that your phrase, repeated over and over again, and that one perfect profile of mine, had occupied a entire sheet of paper.
It was just a skectch, but in his draft it was perfect, and in everything this, the only light that was illuminating you, was that one of the moon.

Little by little, the glow of the first lights of the morning were taking her place in the sky, and you had wrote as long your fingers has hurts. You was surrouned by sheet of paper full of words, and sketches of the same profile, seen in different prospectives, and that sparkle in the only eye, you have could see, was always present, and in one of the latest draft, was really how you have remembered it: in his astonish, all his beauty.

Slowly, at the first sing of the birds, you leaned on the floor, and you fallen asleep. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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