“The moon” – short story ♠48♠

And maybe, even Philip with Barb, had attended to this sweet approach. 
Maybe the the only thing that has remained between you and me has been that sweet and delicate phrase, before you had left me.
I had still the eyes closed, and i had still the head inclinated toward the side which you had placed the hand on me, and that phrase echoed inside, and surround me.

You had left me; i could still hear your steps on sidewalk that, little by little, were moving away. 
That sensation of your skin on my face was tangible in my mind, and everything stopped, even my heart, as long i opened the eyes, holding the breathe, and i looked at that shadow elongating toward a dark alley.
I would wanted call your name, but it has died in the throat.

By now, i wasn’t think to my diary, but little by little, the sign of the bar, has started again to work, and their soft blue and red lights has wakening me up from that atmosphere from which i, really didn’t wanted wake up, and slowly Philip has came to me, bringing me what i have asked to Barb. 
He noticed that my glance was still looking at toward that part of sidewalk, by now empty, and he had noticed that i was taking to breathe again. 
He was about to leave me; he knew, that he was about to enter inside a sphere much intimate, but with a sigh, i praid him to remain.

For a second, he remained behind the bench, while i held back the breathe, for then throw it away really slow. It seemed that he was waiting for that i was came out from that atmosphere that was created.

I turned my glance toward him, after that i threw away the last bunch of air i had in my body, and i had turned page, but how could i? 
I was looking at him lost: lost in a spiral of emotions that in those instants i could not manage at the best.
I knew, that Philip could, and wanted stay next to me, even without say nothing: he knew what i was feeling in that moment, and that my best friend in those cases was my diary, was on his legs.

I had believed to have exceed that emotional phase, which your words had caressed my soul, so delicately, but when i lifted the glance toward the moon, my heart has exploed again, and i have put the hand on mouth for fear that some feeling could have splashing out, and my eyes got wet again. 

Philip was looking at all these emotional changing, without say nothing: he knew, he had just to wait for, and he had all the time of the world; by now the bar was closed, and Barb was doing the latest things, then she would go away. 
I threw away, again the air from the lungs, and slowly, i looked at Philip: i have smiled him, then he sighed: “This evening he has confessed me many things, about his feelings. I don’t want know what he has said you, but i can swear, what ever he said, he said it with all soul. What i can say is that you have changed his life.”
He said it, without realize that it have would overwhelmed me, more than, already i was.
I looked at him without to breathe. 
Then he added: “When you asked Barb to bring out your stuff, he sighed me «If i don’t do now, i will never do no longer», at begin i didn’t have understand his intentions, but then…”

I had listened to everything in silence, thinking about what has happened, adding all those things that Philip was saying me, and more i was adding even those small particulars, more i wanted run to you, but by now, you was vanished in the night, leaving that feeling suspended.

Now i wanted just got back in my room, and settle in that small chair in front of the window, thinking to those few words in row, remebering that your soft, delicate, but profound tone of voice, looking at the Moon with Sirius, by her side.
Getting me up, i smiled at Philip, and with him i entered in the local.
We saluted us, without say nothing: there was no need: what we had said still echoed in the bar, and above inside me. 

By chance, i threw a look to the clock, and it  was marking the three and thirtytree, i held back the breathe, for then throw it away.
Leaving the dark local, the sensation of your hand on my skin, has wrapped me again.”


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