“I settled” – short story ♠47♠

At my table, feeling me all the eyes set on me, but the only i really i had need were your, and they seemed, had looked inside my soul, and in their own way, they had done.
In my deep, i knew that you had confessed something to Philip. 
When i entered in the bar, that floating atmosphere has invested me, and even if i hadn’t know what you had said him, the eyes of Philip could not hid anything.
He looking at me, as if he wanted come to me, and say me everything, but even he was wrapped by that sensation that got slow everything. 

It seemed, they both were caged inside something bigger, and the only thing they could see, were your emotions in your eyes that were looking at toward me.
By chance, i threw a look to the clock above Philip, and it was just passed one minute after my strange hours, and inside me, the heart has started to beat slowly, always faster, and maybe, in those seconds, i understood the attonish glance of Philip, and the serious gaze of you.

For sure, i have would won something, beting that Philip didn’t would not come to me to take my order, 
In that instants the only clients were us, and fortunately, we had one barman per person.
Barb had just finished to take the money from the lastest client in front of the cash desk, and with a big smile, she came to me.

“It’s from when he entered that they are speaking tightly…” she said looking at them “and i can just imagine, who they are talking about”, looking at me straight in the eyes, without add nothing else.
I have mumured something, and Barb has just nodded: she, already, knew what i would have ordered. 
Immediately after she gone, i have stared my little hole in the table with wide eyes.  

That atmosphere that, till now, had surrounded the small part of the counter where there was you, and Philip, was reaching me, and when Barb has comeback with my glass of mineral water, i have believed to resurface from a sensation that, little by little, was sucking me in his inside.

To distract me, i have taken my diary, opening it, pulling out, even a pencil, and the eraser, but too many thoughts, and constrating emotions were crowding my head, and more i was try to moved them away, more those wanted to enter.
Just throwing a look toward your part: just looking at your back, i just could feel still those tiny contractions inside me, and looking at your slow movement of your body that was breathing, i could going crazy.

I drunk other sips, and i asked to Barb to help me to bring my diary, and all my bag outside at the bench, that Philip had left, like this,  from that evening.
Barb with a big smile has waited for that i settled at the bench to bring me my stuff.
I had to take air, and maybe my heart would be calm quickly.

Passing next to you, i have closed the eyes, and in those instants, i have inhaled more air i could.
I didn’t turned me round, but i could feel your sweet glance that was following each my goofy steps, but i could figure that you was not looking at girl with physical problems, but someone really special. 
I settled on the bench, breathing slowly, waiting for that Barb had brought me what i have left on my table.

That evening, the sky had an only starring, and she was illuminating all the neighborhood without any effort.
I was looking at her, collecting all my thoughts, and my thought were wandering, when i realized the sign of the bar, all in a sudden, was turned off, and someone from behind, has approaching to me.

Without turning me round, i have just stretched the hand to take my stuff, and i just thanked Barb. 
I said “Isn’t she beautiful tonight?  Thank Philip toward me”, but there was no any response.
I was waiting for to take my bag, but what i felt has been a delicate touch of another hand, and i’ve recognized a male breathe, and it wasn’t not even that one heavy of Philip. 

I  wide eyes: i held back the breathe, while that hand was still delicately tightening mine. 
We both knew, that i had recognized you, and we had waited for this moment from long.
Your silence presence was wrapping me, and i was making slow breathes. 
I have closed the eyes: by now the moon has passed in second floor. 
Your soft touch was making me flight.
 I don’t know how long, we remained like this.
Then your hand sweetly leaned on my shoulder, and i laid my face on it, looking at the moon, and in tread of voice
“You will be my moon, and i will be your Sirius” you said leaving me my shoulder, leaving me enveloped by milion and milion of emotions.”


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