“We have closed” – short story ♠45♠

The eyes at the same instants, and the alarm clock was marking the one, and eleven, while everything around us, was aligning perfectly without we realizing that.
Each one of us was thinking to the other, but in his own way, hoped to don’t dream him: it would be so embarassing the next day, but in someway, we have would know which kind of experience we had have: above all you.

I have dragged my second pillow next to me, and i threw away all the air from the lungs trying to get calm me, looking for to delete those numbers that had marked my alarm clock, not before to have mark them on a small piece of paper: that one was becoming an habit.
Slowly, a velvety sensation has wrapped me, and i fallen asleep. 

In your apartment, you was still enveloped by that tiny sensation that was make shaking you inside: you knew what has happened, but you was still in that limbo that it didn’t wanted go away.
You looking for to stare something, but your glance was wandering in search of something, or better someone, that would have not ever found in those four walls.
The only thing that could reconduct you to me, was that flap of that white curtain that had caressed your body, few seconds earlier.
Holding back the breathe, you have taken it, and closing the eyes, you have tried to figure that flap, were my hands. You has been capable to recreate that magical atmosphere, but has been for a short, and feeble moment. You held back the breathe, then even you have closed the eyes.

That night, for both of two, has been one of the most calmest: on the contrary of our hopes we have dreamt each other, but this time our presences were been underlined like two silhouettes who were chasing who was leave their tracks like filaments, like two figures who run  fast, and none of us had feeling that heavy weight of the previous dream, on the contrary it seemed that dream was the next step to exceed that embarrassment around each our glance.

That chasing of those two blurry bodies had open a way to a new approach, and maybe it have would give the courage to share some jokes, maybe first with the help of Philip, then just alone.
Slowly, a delicate sensation from inside has wakened us, at the same instants, and a blow of wind has enveloped our beings.

In mind i had you, and you had me. Our glances were looking for each other, even if we knew that it was impossible, but our heart were beating like two jackhammer, as if we were in the Philip bar, and we knew that our glances were about to meet.

We could feel  a vise that, little by little was tightening our stomach, and even if we were far, we could feel that was making us both going crazy.

You got up from bed, and have looked for to take new oxygen from the air that was entering from the opened window, but it has been useless: that sensation was growing faster, and you seemed a caged animal: you wanted and had to go out from the apartment: thing that you have done, after dressed yourself in hurry, and you have directed yourself toward the only place which you would be got calmed.
You have met the Philip glance, and in silence he, already, had understood, almost everything, and with a slow nod, he has make you understand that i wasn’t still arrived. 
“What do you have, for breakfast?” you asked. 

I was still laid on bed, throwing away all the air from my body, looking for moving away that sensation that was choking my stomach, and i was looking to swallow the few saliva i had in the mouth, but it was like to swallow a wet stone, that was accumulate, making growing that sensation. 
My head was about to explode, even if me, had look for to inhale new air. 
I was looking for to got calm me, staring the mold spot, but the only thing i really wanted, was to dive me inside your eyes, where i would have found that blurry silhouette that i had chased, but i hadn’t been to catch.
My heart would be explode if i was would not got up from that bed. I have could feel like a soft punch that had wrapped my being.

Usually the morning, i was hungry, but that morning just of one only thing i had hungry: your glance, your sweet glance. 
I held back the breathe, for then throw it away, i dressed myself, and i went down.
I didn’t know what i would have find, but something it had said me that i would have found who i really wished. You.”


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