“Slowly” – short story ♠44♠

I held back the breathe for then throw it away, then i left myself go, and i fallen asleep, with all those wonderful sensations i had as soon felt, and not even of the bed sheet i had need.
My body was still warming itself by the warmth that had issued. 
I closed the eyes, and all i could see, feel it was your presence around me, and those contractions were making me shaking inside yet. 
Slowly, i taken the flight.

You had closed the eyes too, having still the adrenaline that was pumping your blood up to the brain, and my shy glance has making beating your heart stronger than usual.
Those instants ,were been one of the most intense, since when you entered in Philip bar.
My eyes were spinning in your head, and in their way, were became a nail fixed, that didn’t make you fallen asleep.

Maybe the sofa, wasn’t the right place to sleep that night, and maybe you had to dispose of that few excitement that you had still inside: so you have decided to go upstairs, and getting up, you have took a glimpse to the hat that you have placed next to you, on sofa.
You have smiled at it, as if it had could give back you that smile.

That night was the right night, to leave the window open: it was enough warm to decide to sleep just with the pajama pants, and to leave the breeze could caress your chest.
You laid on bed, staring the curtain moved by the soft breeze that entering: it seemed that it was dancing, and in your mind, half asleep, an image has opened again your eyes: that ghost who was asking you to remain under to that small window, and with a big sigh that one other image has back to hammering your mind: my flying shirt, but slowly you have closed the eyes, and finally you have fallen asleep.

When a long flap of curtain has touched your bare chest, you have sighed my name, and you have held back the flap in your hand. 
Your heart was starting again to beat strong, when you have thought to hear my voice, and that soft curtain has continued to touch your bare chest caressing you delicatly.

My face, my smiles, and my eyes straight in your, were dancing in the middle of that white curtain, and you was sighing my name over and over again, when you found yourself in middle of a golden dust, and finally you found yourself in front of me, but little by little, you have realized that it was my soul that one with which you was dancing with, and slowly with which you was merging with.

You have pronnouced my name one more time, and you have feeling something that was growing.
You have opened the eyes, with short breath, and at end your body has respond no longer to the reason, and you have left it go, little by little, even you have reached that tiny cojunction point, and there you have seen me, reaching even you that short, but really intense second orgasm of mine.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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