“I went in bathroom” – short story ♠43♠

And i have opened the water of the bathtub: i was looking for to delete from my mind those your eyes that, slowly were piercing me inside, but it was impossibile.


I had still inside everything, that was spinning, now fast, now slow, and at end always that glance straight toward me.
I dived in that warm water, completely lost in those blue eyes, and our glance that didn’t wanted  break away, and the echo of Philip’s voice that wrapping everything. 
I was in prey of milion constrating emotions.

I wanted leaving off that sensation that slowly was making me feel, always smaller.
The steam of the water has enveloped me, and when i have closed the eyes, has been that exact moment which i have heard to that one big din outside from the window, and in that instants, i have understood that someone had recognized you in street.
My heart has stopped, and after one second i held back the breathe, and i went under water.
I resurfaced just after few seconds, then a deadly silence has wrapped the neighborhood. 

I threw away the air from the lungs, and i came out. I wrapped myself with a big towel, and i went to the window, to see if  there some still tracks of that persons who had stopped you, or maybe to see your silhouette, under that hat, but the only thing that i had to put well has been the long white curtain came out from the window.

That bath, in its own way, has helped me to get relax, but it has lasted really few. 
As soon i leaned myself on the pillow, and i stared that mold spot in ceiling, everything has started again.

Slowly, i took me off the big towel, while the breeze was touching my bare body, i closed the eyes, and without realizing, slowly i opened the legs, and my hand has slided among the tighs, and there one finger, delicately is entered inside me, and it has started to move itself, from before slow, then always faster, and in my mind you: your eyes straight mine, your fast breathe just after that dance, and in that glance something more than a simple glance, then a small sparkle it has made me crazy, and from that still image that i had in mind, without realize, that finger has started to goes always faster, and my body it left it do. 

All the emotions i had inside, slowly were expanded themselves, like a liquid fallen on the floor, and they has reached my brain, and even him, was been capable to went to another place, but always where there you was too.

Then, slowly that golden explosion inside, and round me, and my soul has left the body for those few seconds for unite itself with your, and for another short instants another small contraction: two orgasms consecutely, that they has left me free from everything i had accumulate in the previous hours, but leaving me something inside that it was bonded me more to you, then delicately a new perfume has wrapped me, and immediately it has made me think to you, and those your blue eyes has made beat strong the heart, again.”




Listen to it⇓⇓


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