“I had decided” – short story ♠41♠

To enter from the second door, for don’t make me notice from anybody, and i had decided to sat immediately at my safe place behind the wooden curtain.
I threw away all the air i had in my body, happy that not even Philip had noticed my entering, and i started to wander with the glance to see how he had settled the lastet things, and look for you, among the crowded bar inside, and outside.
But of you, none track.

I had noticed Philip: he had a happy face, and he wandering among clients giving them pat on shoulders.
He had set free the inside of the bar from those useless tables, that noboby have would never occupied, and now there a large space to dance, and finally the old jukebox was playing once again.
In his own way, he had given a freshing to his local, mainting his simplicity. 
He smiling to everybody, but when he has seen you enter, he immediately turned himself, looking for Barb, for let you know if i was arrived: with a slow nod, she made you understand that i was on my table, and she wided her, already, big eyes, making you understand that i was really nice dressed, 
You have stared her, making you space among the dancing crowd, till you arrive at your green stool.

I hadn’t noticed you; among the minimum things i had brought there was my indivisible diary, and i was staring it, but when with an excuse, Barb has came to me, i had to lifted my face, and in that exact moment our eyes meeting, the deafeaning music close to me, has disappeared.

You had always that hat, and maybe within few time, i would have discover the reason.
Delicately i held back the breathe, while i was blushing a lot, and in those instants i was questioning: “Why i dressed like this?” I was feeling ridiculous, and you was staring me! I wanted run away.
But it seemed, on the contrary, you was looking at something that it was fascinating you. 
In those instants, i wanted just got back in my room for throw away the clothes i had on.

Fortunately, the embarrassment has gone, when Philip has arrived with his cowboy hat, and he gave a glance to you, and you both were placed in the middle of the local, and you had started to dance a classic of cowboys, when Philip has given a sign to Barb to play a record in the jukebox. 
During those minutes, all the local stopped, and everybody clapped the hands to underlined the difficulty of the that dance, but in which you both seemed greatest experts. 
At end, all  the clients has applaused both of you like two rockstars, and you both have laughed aloud. 
Then Philip has offered a free turn for everybody.

They flew compliments in everywhere, even for you, but you was looking for my eyes, and immediately you have found them. You still had take breathe again, but seemed you was taking mine, and you seemed reassured that i didn’t take my glance off you, and i shyly smiling to you, but in those instants my soul was melting itself, and maybe, i have would been not able to found it again.

If i hadn’t called Barb to asked her an iced glass of mineral water i would be chok, and my desire to escape would have tangled my stomach more. 
Fortunately that iced water has arrived soon directly from the hands of Philip, who sat in front of me, without say nothing, he has waited for i had drink some little sips, and then he has looked at me smiling, and satisfied he said me: “It was from long time that i wanted do this!! And with him… i have realized that… when you have left the bar, the other evening, we have chatted, and he said me….”
I was looking at him, but i wasn’t paying few attention to his words.

I was surrounded by milion of  wonderful sensations, that little by little, were taking the flight, and that chok feeling was leaving my being.
I was smiling at Philip who was still speaking to me, but his voice seemed came from very far, and my glance has always looking for you, and you had noticed it trough the glass you had in front, and you was smiling.

That tangle in the stomach was going away really slow, but just to drink the water it seemed not enough, and Philip seemed too excited to realizing of that, but Barb had framed that situation, and with a simple excuse, had called him, but he promised me to get back, but in those instants i really wanted be alone, maybe just to stare that small hole in the table, and maybe, to feel your eyes on me, and feeling me the most free soul of that local.
But that chok sensation was tightening me the stomach, that the only thing i could do was to cry.
I was about to explode, when Philip free from what he had to do, he said me the only thing that night i didn’t wanted to hear. 

I left the bar before that he was about to presenting you.
He had spinned you from the stool, and i had as soon closed the heavy door, when in a soft blow of air, i have could hear him say: “Daria, i present you Luke”, but, already i was disappeared.”



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