“You had almost”- short story ♠40♠

Made me discover what Philip had in mind, but he stopped you in time, offering you something to drink for shut up you. 

Just in those days, you was learning to know a bit better Philip, and in those instants you wanted hid yourself, but you was one of the latest arrived in the circle of  regular costumers, so he has forgiven you.

But, even Philip knew which atmosphere was create when you entering, and my emotions, in someways, were envolving him: at end were just great smiles, and glances of understanding, and that day, there were been alot between you and him, while i was behind the wooden curtain, and i looking at Philip, looking for to understand what you was saying him.

You had that hat, and you have make see it to Philip who has tried to put it on, but his head was bigger, and at end it unleashed a big laugh of both of you.
Your laugh has entered inside me, like a lightening, and my heart, has exploded like a thunder.

Then you have paid him for the beer, that you haven’t not even finish, and you have left the bar, looking toward my part, and you have take your hat off from the head, in sign of salute: you have done it for me.
In those instants everything have could disappear, and i would been happy.

Maybe, that thing that Philip was organizing, it could be a test. While you was going, i was ending blush staring that my little hole in the table.

Slowly, i pulled out from my bag my diary. I wanted describe immediately, all the emotions that were enveloping me. 
Philip from the counter was watching me tenderly: by now, he knew what i would write, and he knew, what had provoked me that your gesture: he knew that in those instants, not even an earthquake, it would have touched me: i was inside a world with an army ready to destroy, even the tiny intrusion from outside.

So, he smiled, and he went to serve a group of guys who entered asking him what kind of evening he was organizing: in the neighborhood were circulating voices, and they were curious to know what kind of event it would been.
“Maybe we will make a jump…” one of them said. He smiled, and he got back to settle the latest things that he could do without the help of Barb or the other barman.

I had finished to write, and i was realizing that Philip was waiting for the coming of the dusk to turn on the jukebox, and give the way to the party. 
I was a bit embaressed: i was looking at me around, when i realized that i have spent almost all the time to write. 
I gave a latest glance at my diary, then i have put it inside my bag, and i got up, and i met Philip eyes, and immediately he came to me saying me: “There will be lot of fun tonight, dress yourself comfortable.”

Usually, i remained till the closing of the bar, but for that time, Philip made me understand, without any further word, that it was time that i have go, but he would have waited for me later. I smiled him, and i left the bar.
I opened the second door, and i followed the dark labyrinth of that aisle with his screams, and his steam. 

Arrived in my room, i opened the cupboard, and i choose a pair of  green pants, and a delicate white shirt with some lace: even if i have would not dance, i wanted presenting myself  nice for you, even if, maybe that evening, it would been hard to share a sweet glance.
Or it would been that right moment for an approach?

Looking for that white shirt without sleeve, but with just butterfly straps, those thoughts were fighting in my mind, and at end, they were about to convince to don’t go, but just in those instants Philips had turned on the jukebox, and the music has started to spread itself in all the small neighborhood, waking me up from my tangle thoughts.
Then your smile has pushed me to goes on in my dressing. 

Taken all the minum necessary, i looked for a short time the room, and i closed it behind me.
I questioned myself: “Are we ready to unleash us?” I smiled.”


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