“When i got back” – short story ♠38♠

In my room, my vise in the stomach was grow up, all in a stroke, and the head was about to explode. 
I laid on bed, thinking to Philip, and his phone call: he’s been so sweet, but something was knocking my head: a tiny thought that he had done that phone call with you in front, or you had  listening what we had said us, and those latest Philip words, were been said, in silence, even from you.

Now, i had really need to drink all the water of the world. I would attached myself to a bottle, and i would have drink all the liquid inside: i was completely dehydrating , and the only source of water i had in those instants, was the water of the bathroom.
I had forgot to buy some bottles from Philip.

That day has passed fast: i had filled an empty bottle, and little by little, i was taken again all the fluids in that short of time i had lost.
I was still thinking to what was happened among our minds, in that dream, and still i was breathless, and i was begin to feel some strange new sensations, that crossing my mind, and those new feeling were taking me to you, and each time they were crossing my mind, the vise in the stomach was growing up.

Staring the mold spot on the ceiling, i was looking for new veins, but it was just a way to don’t think to everything that it was creating itself between us: even the rhythmical screams followed by the great steam, of the dark aisle it have would help me to don’t think about you, instead now, everything it was make me thing to you, even the new small vein in the mold spot that i had found. 
Another few sips, and i would finish another liter of water, and i would have to got up to fill again the bottle, but slowly, i got relaxed, and i leaving me go to those new sensations, and i have closed the eyes.

Closing them, i have looking at the small amethyst pyramid that i had on the small forniture next to bed, looking for to focusing me on the top, and figuring all my energies take the flight inside a light beam toward to the sky, and the last thing i have seen has been the alarm clock that was marking the zero three and zero three: i was so tired to think, even to this, but i given a form to a thought that was circulating in my mind from a bit, but that i didn’t wanted give it any credit, but the words of Philip, when he was finding time to chat with me, were resounding like an echo: “My dear, what i learnt from the life is that everything happens for a reason.”
And this his phrase has hammered me till i fallen asleep. 

I gave up myself to Morpheus’ arms, questioning me: “Maybe he is right” remembering exactly the day in which we had have that chat: i had even wrote this his phrase on my diary like warning, and now it was spinning in my head like a broken record.

With the eyes half closed i have take a glimpse to the small window from where i could see the moon in the sky. 
That night she had close to her Sirius, and in someways, has reminded me you, and me that little by little, were reaching a wonderful place still unknown. 
I held back the breathe, and with you in mind, i fallen asleep.”


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