“Closed that” – short story ♠37♠

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Door behind me, i have restarted to breathe again, and slowly i got back in my apartment.

In that glance, there was everything you wanted say me, but i knew, even  that i wasn’t ready in a likely meeting, and i knew that i had wrong to go down that morning: i had would to call Philip.
I was, still drunk for that bad joke that our minds had pulled us. 

When i was about to enter in my room, the phone was ringing, and i knew it was Philip: just him had that number, and when i have taken the telephone handset i have immediately answer: “Philip… yes i’m ok… maybe i need to rest a bit, tonight i had a agitated night. Yes don’t worry if i need something i will call you. Goodnight. I love you.”
“Rest yourself, i love you too my dear.” 

Philip had called me with you in front, and you had attended to that phone call in silence, but with the heart at the maximum, and it has exceeded the maximum velocity when Philip has said me those last words.

He said those words looking at you, knowing what were your feelings for me.
He hanged the telephone handset, holding the breathe, then he placed his fat, and greasy hands on the counter staring at you, still incredolous what you had said few minutes ago.

Your glance was speaking for you, and Philip haven’t waiting for, not even a second more, to give you some news about me.
“Apparentely, what you said before, it was right… she is ok… she need to clarified her mind. Tomorrow morning i will call her, to hear how is she feel.”
You was looking at him relieved, and a bit surprised by what Philip had said about your joke: Philip was sneering, and at end he said: “My boy, here i listen to everybody: sometime i pretend to be busy, but my ears have to listen to everything, and i catched what you have said before about the dream: that one in common.
Since Daria has entered in my bar, she has brought in something magical, and i didn’t ever have thought that a similar thing could happened, instead has happened, and since you came in, something has changed in her glance, and from your meeting, i’m so conviced that the real soul does really exists, and you both are living proof.
Don’t make escape her…”

You was listening to him, as if, already, you knew how he wanted finish his speech, and you just nodded, murmuring: “I know.”
Both of you threw away the air from the lungs, when another client was asking aloud: “So, to take an order what i have to do?”
So Philip left you thoughtful in front of your iced glass of beer, and slowly you turned yourself toward that empty table, figuring to see me sat. You have shyly smiled.

When he got back to you, you was about to left the counter, but before, you have stared the phone placed again on his original place, next the big iron stool: Philip knew that you wanted know how i was, that’s why he had brought the phone in front of you, before to call me.
He had noticed it, and he held back the breathe, knowing what was turning in your mind.

“I would like really give it to you, but i really can’t… but we can do a thing: Daria before the noon doesn’t wake up herself: those few times i had to call her, i did it about noon and half. Tomorrow, if you present toward that hour, we can  call her together… I see you care of her much… She need persons like you, and you are the right person.”
You wide the eyes, shyly smile at him, and slowly have nodded, and to the entrance, you stopped, and you turned thanked him once again, and he got back the smile to you.”


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