“I had” – short story ♠35♠

Realized that i fallen asleep on that little chair, when a pale ray of the sun was delicately touching my face, and it was warming the skin.
Slowly i have opened the eyes, and like a vampire i have closed them immediately annoyed me by the blinding light that  was entering in the room.
I was resurfacing from that long sleep, and i was collecting all my thoughts to face up the new day that i had in front.

I felt strange, and that light still annoying me, and stay in a total white room, it didn’t help. 
I went in the bathroom, where the light of the day could not enter more than necessary, trough that little window placed at the hidest corner. 
I looked at me in the mirror, and i was looking for to remember what dream i had done.

Usually, i remembered all dreams, but that one has been fragmented, but those emotions were filling my heart.
I freshing my face, and i came out. 
I could hear Philip voice, and immediately after it got back in mind that your question, and i started to wander in the room in search of new clothes to wear.

All in a stroke, i stopped in the middle of the room: just a fragment of that dream got back in mind, and my heart as much going fast, it seemed stopped itself. 
I had to sat me on the edge of the bed, and held back the breath for then throw it away slowly.

To who belonged those eyes that were staring me?
When i focused everything, little by little the dream has materialized in front me.
I was dancing for you, and those eyes were yours.
I was still in shirt, and that room as much it was small, it was becoming the bigger one which i could stay, and now, just to go down to the Philip’ bar, it terrifying me: within few hours i would have meet you, and for sure those images have would hammer me for all the time.

I was about to call Philip on the phone, but i stopped, and looking at outside the small window, a blow of wind has slapped my face, and i have could hear his voice say me: “Foolish girl! Go down, and stop that.”
That little voice had shake me, and i hanged the telephone handset.
I have decided to cross the aisle between the two buildings, and to enter hiding me.
The sun light would have, for sure catched that my weakness of the moment.

Entering in the lit aisle, for the first time i counted the steps to enter in that dark one, where those creepy noises would have accompany me till the heavy door, and where for the first time, those rhytmical screams, would have make me enter in a sort of trance from which i would not have wanted never wake me up.
The steam of the last scream, had enveloped me till the door, where beyond of it, there was, something of my future.

Opened the door, already, there were four eyes that were staring me breathless, and two of them were yours.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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