You woke me

But it’s from yesterday that i feeling your closiness hammering the head…
It’s from yesterday that the soft punch in the stomach is making me bite the lips
I have a thought that turning in my head, and make me tremble me like a leaf: it’s one of the greatest sensation i ever had, and you know, almost ever i wrong: it’s useless that i say it, already you know it.

When i feel your embrace behind me, i close the eyes, and i figure you next to me, reading what i write, and when the vise is make itself stronger, i know, in someways, our minds are connected.
I just can throw the air from the lungs, and wait for the unavoidable, that i know, already, it happened, because my heart is beating like a crazy jackhammer.

I will be, even a crazy girl, but what i’m feeling with you is the most beautiful, wonderful feeling, i ever felt in my life.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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