“You fallen asleep” – short story ♠34♠

And slowly, you found yourself to admire me who wandering in your apartment, smiling, but above all happy. 
I was speaking to you, but you couldn’t hear my voice: you could see my lips moving, but none sound came out from them. 
I was talking, as if you could understand what i was feeling in those instants.
In your unconscious you knew, i was opening myself, but the fact that you could not hear me, was making you going crazy, but you could not stop me.

You could not go crazy: you threw away the air from the lungs, and you went forward figuring what i was saying to you, just looking at me.

You was staring at me as if i was precious butterfly, that with her magical dust, was transforming that apartment in one of the most incredible place that you had been. 

With the informations Philip had given you, you had completed my figure, and that legs defect, in your mind, has become the most beautiful  defect that i could have.
I was walking slowly, inside that big space, and i had always your eyes set on me, while i was shooting words in bursts.

But at bottom, those weren’t words, they were just the emotions that i was feeling, and just at end, even you have understood it. What it came out from my mouth it was just the flow of  sensations that i was feeling from when, for the first time, i noticed you, and if you had closed the eyes, you have would could see them: they were surrounding those four walls.

I had finished to explore the enviroment, and slowly i settled myself on that little table in front of the the sofa.
It was the first time, that we were one in front another.
My mouth didn’t wanted stop to talk.
Even, close like this, you could not hear any sound, but it seemed you didn’t care, but you could hear something that was warming your soul, and you was shyly smiling to me. 

The desire to touch even the smallest part of my skin, it was tangling your being: slowly, you have stretched your hand toward me: you was about to caress me, when your heart seemed splashing out from your chest, and your blood seemed evaporate, as much you was missing the breathe. You have believed to chok, when you wided the eyes, and little by little you have realized that it was just a dream. 
Closing the eyes, one more time, you have restarted to breath.

You had slept on the sofa. 
The golden light of the first sun, was entering in the apartment, and it was creating strange light games on the floor: small golden blades, were slowly, walking inside the big space, till a bounce of them, has illuminated your dazed face that was motionless to stare a point in front of you.

Your heart didn’t wanted to stop to beat strong inside your body. 
I was still there: this time i was twirling in a dance, and those soft golden lights were forming a golden skirt on me, and everything around were becoming of that soft gold, and you could not do anything, just to look at that twirl in which i was involve.

I was twirling in all your apartment, spreading that magical dust, now became gold.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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