“I threw away” – short story ♠32♠

All the air i had in body, imagining what Philip had said you, and figuring your reaction. 
I was tired, and i decided to lay me on bed, not before to check, if i could hear some noises from the bar.

That evening has passed fast, and everything i could to think was at the question came out from your mouth, like this, naturally.
Closing the eyes, the only thought that hammering me, has been: “From when you had it in your mind?”

I turned myself to the opposite side of the small window, and before to close definitely the eyes, i checked the alarm clock, and it signing another strange hour. 
I held back the breathe, and without thinking about much, i taken the alarm clock, and i threw it away far, on the floor.
My heart was, literally exploding, and that your smile was entering inside me, always more.
It was becoming a part of my being, and your curiosity it was killing me.

That night, i didn’t have slept well: a tangle in my stomach, was fighting with my conscious part, and it was always him to win.
I turned in bed,  trying to look for good position, but your voice, that your question, was tightening me the mouth of the stomach, and something like a soft nail was knocking my head, and more i tried to close the eyes, more that sensation made me open them.
It was a choking feeling, but in some ways, it was liberating: it seemed that my soul has been taken from something bigger that anything else.
Inside me has grow up, also a soft sensation, that unconsciously, has made me tight my arms surround my belly.
It has made me thought to your arms that embraced me.

“Take a deep breathe”, i said me, looking at the alarm clock on the feet of bed. 
I wasn’t to able to sleep, so i got up, and i taken again the alarm clock. It was fallen with the monitor lean on the floor.
By now, it was a play with the destiny: which hours it would have me see?
When i turned it, and i saw it. I made it fallen again, and i moved backward.

My body have met the bed, and i fallen on the edge of it. 
I was miss the breathe, and i started to shake like a leaf, and my stomach was twisting, choking me, and the only phrase that resounding in my head has been: “It happens even to me”, when you had said it to Philip, believing to have just murmuring it. 
I wanted to i hadn’t heard it: for sure it would been much better.

Slowly i got up again, and i took the alarm clock, sure that for that night, those bizzare games, would end.
I have set it  for the next day, but i didn’t got back in bed.

The small window was open, and a soft breeze entering, moving the white curtain.
The sign of the bar was playing with her.
Without make noise, i sat on my little chair, and i begun to stare in front of me, the dark sky illuminated by those few stars.
The light of the sign were drawing strange shadow on my body.

A tiny teardrop fallen from my face.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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