“That morning” – short story ♠29♠

I have opened the little window of my small room, fill of something still not well been defined.

Those eyes had chasing me all night, they had set me free from an heavy weight that i thought it was gone, instead, it was still inside me.
Now, i have had the certainty that it was really gone.
All the buzz of that neighborhood, till now a bit disturbing, has became more soft, and it was that was accompanying me in that morning, while i wandered between the only room, and the bathroom.

Your eyes were the mirror where i was reflecting myself, and now i wanted just got prepared me, crossing the dark aisle among the two buildings, open the service door, making jump Philip, smiling him, and take sit a my table, and dive in that buzz of that local, between noises of cups, dishes, forks, shy laughs of the clients, and the mechanism of the cash desk.
All this behind the wooden curtain.

For a long period, the bar has been empty, and Philip had left open the main entrance, leaving enter the buzz of that small piece of  the city
Philip, even if he wasn’t see me, he was sure i was hearing him, and he said a phrase that at first moment i didn’t given much importance, but when he said it, uncosciously, it has hammered my head, and it has opened me a new conception of the time.
He only said: “Let us time enter.” 

It was a simple sentence, but without realizing it i wrote it in my diary, and from that moment a slow vortex entered that bar, which gradually became faster, and i, sitting at that table, was able to see it run faster, like a double speed movie.

When he has finished to throw away the last garbage bags, he came to me, waiting foir the other wave of clients.
We had always half hour that we dedicated just for us, and in that half hour we were talking about everything. 
We had tell us own our stories, the very first times, but now, each day was a bet, and without ask nothing, each one knew, what the other wanted say.

Philip, was the father that i didn’t have had, and maybe the best friend: with him i could be sincere, and for sure he would not take me as crazy, because he was the first to believe in certain things in which i was involved, and he always saying me: “My craft, is also to observe the people, to catch immediately, what they desire. My dearest, since he came here the very first time, with that drunk girl, then he got back, one, two three times, and for sure, he didn’t got back  here, for the elegance of this place… he has noticed this hid place, and behind this wooden curtain, he has noticed you, or at least your shadow… an little advice? Make an effort… Pretending to come to me… get you up, and make you notice from him.”. I looked at him one second without breathless: i knew he had right, and when the first client has came in, he got up, and he gave me a pat on the shoulder.

Then the bar has emptying itself again, and it has passed long time, before that another person has entered in. 
My heart has stopped, jumping in the head: he got back, and the Philip’words were circulating  fast inside me. And when i took courage to get up from my table, i have saw the clock behind the big counter, and i remained breathless: once again those strange combination of numbers.

Without realizing, i got up and i went directly to the the counter, indicating the clock, staring Philip who was more surprised than me, and i taken just a tissue, just to take something, and i got back to my table, without not even look at you, as much dazed i was. 
I threw away the air from the lungs, and just after i realized that you was looking at me straight in my eyes. 

It was in abosolute the very first time that we looked at each other, and without any insistence, you have looked at Philip, and shaking the head you said: “It happen often the same to me” turning toward me. 
Looking at me thoughtful, you have shy smiled. 

Philip has looked at both with wide eye open.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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