“You was” short story ♠28♠

Remained firm in bed, when she has left you, going away crossing the window. 
You have stared her last light smoke that had left the bedroom.
It seemed that sensation was choking you from inside…  was still scrambling the stomach, and when you had the certainty she was really gone, you got up, and you went at window for check it was your mind hadn’t pulled you a bad joke. 

Your mind was clearest than a crystal, and that female figure was flying in the sky. 
You was looking at her moving away toward the exit of that dark alley, straight toward the anonymous bar.
Throwing away the air from the lungs, you turned, and slowly you have leaned the back on the window’ wall, and you was looking at you around, walking slower where she had danced, and you have touched the air hoping to catch something: but you hasn’t feel anything. 

For an instant, you stopped, and maybe, you wanted convicing yourself that all that was really a bad joke of your mind, and perhaps it was just a trail of that strange dream: maybe it has been your strong desire to reach me, that your mind had invented her.

You got down: you mind was filling itself of thoughts, and those eyes were staring you straight in your mind.

To think to try to sleep, it was an impossible thing, then that symbol: you knew its meaning, it was one f the symbol that your grandma had tought you to recognize, even in the daily things, and each time you recognized it, you ran to her showing it to her, and she was say, always, about a new beginning, and now, in the silence of the apartament, you was asking her: “Is this the new beginning, which you was talked to me always?”
It seemed you was waiting for a reply of her, but you knew what she would have reply. 
She would have just nodded, and she would have added: “When you will have it in front, you will recognise it immediately”, and that last phrase had hammered your mind many times.
Slowly, everything was taking form. 

Going down, you had turned on just the kitchen lights, but now, even them were disturbing you. 
You have turned off them, and in the darkness, you got back on the sofa. 
The rhytm of your breath was underlining that one of the heart, and that far light of the only street lamp in that dark alley, was entering weak through the only big window of the low level of the apartment.

You was craddling yourself by those remebembers, and you was, almost to forgetting the reason you went downstair, and now the tiredness was winning over you, when a solitary sound of a clackson has made you jolt, and for a short time, that floating female figure has presented herself again in your mind, then she has disappeared, leaving in your mind, that melody that she was dancing.

In the darkness of the apartment you laid yourself on that sofa, and without any effort, you has been dragged inside one of the most incredible dream you had ever done.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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