“When you” – short story ♠27♠

Have opened the eyes, you have believed  you woke yourself from that dream.
That strange sensation was leaving you.
You threw away the air from your body, and slowly, you have looked at you around: the white curtain was dancing inside the room, and it was delicately touching your body.

Your thought were inside that anomymous bar yet: you was about to reach that table. 
In all the way possible, you wanted reach that wooden curtain that was dividing you from that bright shadow of which you was listening just to the soft laughs that, in someways, you knew, she would have take you away from that world, that, little by little, it was chaining you.
You have closed the eyes, and that magic atmosphere has enveloped you once again, when a blow of wind has delicately caressed your face, and you have re opened the eyes, and you heart stopped itself, and at the same time, it is splashed out from your body. 

That one who was floating in front of you, in the air, it seemed a ghost, or it was what you have figured it was.
It was female figure: she seemed was dancing. She was sinous, and with her arms, she was formating long waves of that one that it could be a delicate extension of her form.

She didn’t spoke, but with her slow dance, seemed express what she wanted say to you
You was looking at each moves she was doing, and in each slow movements, you was catching each of her meaning.
For an instants, you have wanted to be sure to don’t have an allucination, and you have looked at outside the window, for immediately get back to see in front of you: she was still in front of you, dancing.
You was enveloped by a soft chill, but what you was feeling wasn’t cold, as everybody would have feel: on contrary, that chill was warming you from inside, and it was the same sensations that you was feeling in that dream from which you woke yourself few minutes before. 

In that bedroom, it was reigning something in suspension between the past, the nowadays, and the future, and that female ghost was making show it to you in her dance.
You was remained hypnotized by her arms that seemed following a slow, and sweet melody. It seemed you could heard it too, and your heart had restart to beat slowly. 

She was enveloped by her soft intagible white veil made even, by a soft smoke. 
You hasn’t been capable to see her eyes: her dance, her arms, that soft track of soft smoke, were covering them. 
It seemed that you didn’t care to see what face she had: the dance of his arms was the most beautiful thing you saw in those moments, and her delicate movements made you remember about me.
Trough that slow dance she was was saying to you something important: it was entering inside you delicately, and in your deep, you was hoping that it had no end, till you would been capable to decipher the meaning, or at least a minumum part of it.

By now, her soft, and light smoke, had enveloped, even your being, and it seemed that, even you, was being part of her dance.
When she was certain of that, slowly she has started to draw a symbol that you have immediately recognized, and inside that, you have could hear my sweet, and delicate laugh, and  finally, the ghost female has showed you her eyes.

They were mine.

For a second that slow, and hypnotic dance has stopped, and our breath were merged each other.
Immediately after, that female ghost has disappeared, and  another blow of wind has moved the white curtain of  big window.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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