“That day” – short story ♠24♠

The bar was crowding of people, and Philip didn’t knew where put the hands: even Barb was looking at herself around in search of any kind of help. 
It seemed that every inhabitants had given an appointment in front of the only meeting point of that neighborhood.
It was a fight to enter in.

Philip was about enter in panic, but he looked at me, and he knew i could trasmit him the calm he really need in these case.
I could feel his blood pumping hard trought his vein along the neck. 
I could feeling his desire to escape from that chaos, and i could feel, even his discomfort. 

That bar might have looked less elegant than other, but it had something that making you always come back, and that day two persons has entered in, for the very first time.

They seemed were talking impetuosly: seemed they were fighting
They were one guy and one girl. The girl seemed, already drunk, as soon they entered in, and the guy was trying to convice her to don’t order other drink, while she waving herself to catch the attention of Barb, who had thousand eyes on every clients who ordering always different things. 

Even for her, that day has been one of the hardest, and she didn’t understand what was happening in those hours.
She went to take the order of that table.

She has been able to see well the face of the girl, and in her glance, Barb had recognized that gaze that she knew well, when she had to sending away the latest drunk clients, at end evening: but it was just unusual hour, to recognize that empty glance, but without judging, she taken the order, and she went away. 
The guy was looking at outside from the window, and Barb has been able just to see his soft curly hair.

It seemed he wanted not look at that mercyful scene. 
When Barb has brought the drink for the girl, she looked at her without say nothing, but she have could hear to the big sigh of the guy, while she went away, and just in that moment the face of the guy has looked at straight the girl. 
Barb has noticed that: she was curious to see his face, but she has been swallow by a tide of other clients

While in the bar, was reigning the real chaos, at that table it was breathing a chill air that would be cut with a knife.
The guy was staring the girl, who was attempting to put in row a phrase, but as much she was drunk she hasn’t been able to.
Then he started to speak, him 
He spoken for long, and his words has merged with the buzz of the other people. 
Then he stopped for a moment, looking for to understand, if the girl in front had catch the meaning of what he had as soon said her.
They seemed words threw to the wind. 
He knew that he would had to wait for a little, to hear a sensible answer. 

He started to looking at himself around, and in the middle of that chaos, has noticed that hid place, at the bottom of the bar. 
His eyes had catched a shadow behind that wooden curtain, and he had noticed the bargirl, who had served at their table, was talking with a person, who seemed give back the tranquillity to who went to her. 
Even Philip, when got back, behind to the counter seemed calmer: he was smiling. 

Then he got back to stare the girl in front of him.
All in a sudden, the answer he was waiting for has arrived: the girl. got up, and giving a punch on the table, she has screamed: “Fuck you!” Making falling the glass on the ground, she left he bar.

Trying to clean the table a sense of sadness has pervaded him. 
Then he got up trying to glimpse, over that tide of people, that shadow.
He has see nothing no longer. 

He left that bar, leaving the money on the table.”


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