“You was about” – short story ♠20♠

To going crazy when you have left that bench.
You has stopped just under the only lamp of that dark alley, and that yellownish light was create an surreal atmosphere, almost it came from to another universe.

You held back the breathe, and slowly you have have restart to walk toward your apartment.
Arrived in, you threw back on the sofa, and immediately fallen asleep, and you have dreamt.

It seemed you was arrived in a desert landscape; just one color was predominant, and it was the brownish. 
You did not understand, but it seemed a familiar place. 
In front of you a great void, but you could glimpse a little hill, that had something that it got calm you. 
You wanted reached it, but more you tried to, more it seemed an unattainable goal, yet it was there. 
It seemed you had made kilometres, but you was remained there: you hadn’t neither done a step.
All around, you could feel a continuos sound, that seemed increase for then immediately after discrease, and everything slowly was taking form. 

A draft of something bigger.

In the conscious part of your mind, something was about take your throat, and slowly, you was missing the breathe: you was dreaming yet, when that something it has taken the windward, and you have opened wide the eyes, looking for know what was happened, looking at you around, looking for to take breathe again.
Your heart was splashing out from your chest if you hadn’t threw away the air from the lungs, a couple times. 
You was sweating, and those images of that dream, were merging with my lastest shy smile, and everything was becoming so confuse.
Maybe those emotions on that bench, had pulled a bad shot in your mind, and now everything was distorted.

You was staring the red brick wall in front of you looking for a new imperfection, and leaving you go to your imagination, trying to distract you. 
It seemed impossible: everything, even that red brick, that was staring from a bit, has brought you again in that burn landscape, and my presence was a costant.
It seemed that the little voice inside you, was saying: “Go to her, say her what you feel, and leaving you go”. 
You threw away all the air you had in body in shortly time.

That redbrick had not longer nothing to say.

You got up, and you went in the kitchen to take the beer that you hadn’t taken at the Philip’ bar. 
When you have take a look at the clock on the grandpa desk were two and twenty two, and outside from far a lightening was illuminating the sky, and some raindrops were getting wet the big window.
You was in front of it with the beer in hand, and your imagination was wandering in that burn landscape with me close to you, and when a big thunder has roar, making shake the window, it was as soon passed that strange hour, that it was remained printed in your mind. 

In your head were crossing many thoughts, and at each one, you threw away air from nostrils, as if at each thought, you gave a quick reply, shaking the head, but when all in a sudden, at same instants a lightening, and a thunder, were illuminating and shaking the ground under your feets: your heart has stopped, and that sensation that was about to choking you, has made itself hear again. 

You have see my face among the lightening, and you have sighed: “I want to be with you”, and that phrase has resounding in the silence of the apartment, while my face was, slowly, fading in the dark of the night.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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