“That evening” – short story ♠19♠

I had decided to go out from that hide place that it was my table. Philip had said me that he would brought out some tables, because the moon that night had something special, and it was a waste of time remain close inside the usual four walls of the bar for don’t admire that nature’s gift in the sky.

During that moving, i was the only person inside the bar, beside Barb, and another barman who were helping Philip, and they had, even, moved the the laurel jars that delimited the space of the local outside the main entrance.
I could not say nothing: they were making fast, and that evening, everything was set on base that moon that seemed to bright more than ever. 
Philip had, even decided to turn off  his sign to see better that magical light, that was illiminating without any effort all the neighborhood.

While all the personal were bringing those few tables outside, i had my bag with my diary next to me, ready to find a place, where i would have sit, and listen to the buzz of the clients who were arrived, looking at themselves around, and without ask nothing, entering, they ordering what they wanted, and for a couple of minutes, they were remaining outside at those tables, looking at the moon. 

I sat on the only bench that Philip had, and it seemed that whoever tried to sit there, when they looked at me, a force bigger moving them away.
“Maybe it’s better like this” i thought: i never talked with anybody outside Philip or Barb, and staying there i was felt like a target, ready to be hit. 
But that time, Philip have had right: that evening had something special

The soft warmth breeze was caressing my face, so delicately, and the light of the moon was delining something greater than a simply light that was illuminating all neighborhood, and those few trees along the sidewalk were drawing strange shadows on concrete, and they seemed long arms of the scariest monster of the night, who was trying to swallow whoever was trying to crossing that sidewalk.

I had the eyes set in the sky, staring a little star, but the brighter among the other, when i have felt someone approached to the bench. 
I thought: “Whoever is, in short time, he will go away…” I didn’t want give him won: i could see his silhouette, but he didn’t moved.
I was about to say him something, but when he sat down, a bit distant from me, i have recognized immediately the perfume. 

I could hear your slow breathe: mine has stopped for a couple of seconds, and now i wanted be sucked by that monster behind us, over the sidewalk:  shame it was just optical illision. 

You had the sunglasses over the hair, but with a slow movement you have put them on, as if those lens, could hide you. 

We have spent all that evening, like this: one close another, without speak, just hearing our breathe, while the people were entering, and leaving the bar. 
You didn’t neither enter to order something. You have seen me there, on that bench, and that was enough for you. 
You have had the possibility to stay close to me, and it was the most beautiful thing you would have ever wished.

We could just imagine what was feeling the person close to us
In those instants could explode also, a bomb, and we have would be not even, touched by it.
Also, not speaking, looking at straight in front of us, there were many emotions that were saying much.

The only person who looking at that surreal scene, with a bit worry, was Philip: the phrase of that homeless was hammering in his head.
But none had desire to break that atmosphere: ocassionally, me or you held back the breathe, then delicatly threw it away.
Each one were feeling strong emotions, and each time we threw away the air, it was because we could hold back no longer that or that other sensations that was strangling us from inside. 

At end, we were remained only us, outside the local. 
Everybody had left the bar, looking at the only two persons who hadn’t never speaking during that evening sat on that bench.

Philip came out from the pub, and delicatly he approached to me from behind, and he touched my shoulder calling me: “Dear, it’s time to close… i know it’s a wonderful evening…. but… ” 
With that latest phrase, i knew,  he wanted to say another thing, but sweetly i spinned toward him, and i sweetly smiled. 
Helping me to got up, he looked at you, and he sighed you: “I’m sorry”, but you on the contrary, have thanked him saying that last phrase just moving the mouth, without making me hear what you had said him.

Entering in the pub, i turned me around, and i saw you  that slowly, got back from where you was arrived. 
I had the heart in throat. I looking at Philip, i said :”I hope there will be other evening like this”, preteding  of what i had as soon pass, was a normal evening at bar.”


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