“You had” – short story ♠17♠

Smiled to that shadow, knowing well that behind that silhouette there was me, but you hasn’t capable to to see me, but you knew that i was looking at you with the heart in throat.
You would remained all day  in the bar to chat with Philip, knowing that i would remained to listen to you hid behind the wooden curtain, but that day, you had taken some boxes from the place you hated from the profound of your heart.
But the fact that you had smiled to that shadow, it has lightened your soul, and your bad remember of your past relationship, in those instants was the minimum thing. 

You was leaving the local when you was pass next to Phillip still breathless, and you gave him a pat over his shoulders, saying: “See you later!” Philip neither had realized you had say him a goodbye, as much still dazed he was for what the homeless had said him.
Philip had to sat down at the small table, and when he saw you walking on the sidewalk, his greatest desire was  to stop you, but you was, already far: he remained to stare outside, while i was at my table with the heart in throat, and i was taking again to breathe. 

With a slow walk, the homeless has passed again on that sidewalk, and he took a look again inside the local, and he met the glance of Philip, who after few minutes, he got back behind the counter, and pretending nothing, has stared me for a minute.

I was in my bubble of emotions, and i was contemplating my little hole in my table.

When you got back in apartment with the new boxes, you looked at you around, and that sensation that you had  felt till now was vanishing. 
You stopped for a moment, in the middle of that big room, thinking about the exact moment Philip made you understand that i was there hid, at my table, and throwing away the air from the lungs, you said yourself: “I have to shake myself, Come on Luke wake up!”

Slowly, you have stave started to open the boxes for to see what it was inside, and begin to give to the apartment an idea of how you would liked settled it. 

On one of the boxes you had taken, it was written “Grandpa’s stuff”, and when you have read that label, your glance has turned toward one of the very first furniture you have brought in the apartment, and without thinking above, you have left everything like this how it was, and slowly you have dived yourself in all the remembers that it was containing. 

When you have had among your hands that notebook, almost you had forgot it, and you have sighed: “Grandma”, as if you wanted brought her in life again.

You have leafing her notebook with maximum care, when your eyes were placed on those pages with those stranges symbol and their meanings,: you’ve been attracted by one of them, and immediately you have remember what she said you when you was a child, playing with you with those symbols: “The magic of these symbols is that they are say, always, something true”. 
When you was a child, you could not completly understand what she was saying, but now, in all loneliness of that apartment, almost unconsciously, you had replied her: “It’s like to play with the destiny”, seeming that you was waiting for a her reply, looking at that symbol, reading many times its meaning.

Closing the notebook, you threw back on the edge f the sofa, and slowly you have closed the eyes, seeing my silhouette in your head, imaging my smile.
The changing that you was feeling inside, it was the proof that what your grandma had always said was right.

You was looking at Nauthiz.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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