” I was” – short story ♠15♠

Entered in my room throwing away the air from the lungs, and i was still thinking to that dog, but i was as much tired that i threw on bed like this, as i was dressed, and two seconds before to fallen asleep i had thought to take him some crackers.

I woke the morning after with the blinding sunlights that were illuminating the room: it semed were pass just few minutes, it seemed, also i didn’t remember where i was: it seemed i was in a confusional state. Does it seemed?? I was really in a confusional state.
Seemed that i was become a vampire, and that light, was hurting me, as soon i tried to open the eyes. 

I got up slowly, and i moved away the curtain from the little window, for to have some relief from that few dark, that that white curtain could do.
It seemed, have the contrary effect: instead cover the sunlight, was amplify itself.
It was a pain for me. I went in bathroom, where there was the only shutter in all the small room.

For a shortest time i stared the bath tub, and without thinking above, i entered in, and finally in there, i found my coffin where i would have sleep again.
I have slept well only twenty minutes, and even in those minutes i have seen again that dog in that under stairs that was staring me, but this time he wasn’t alone: next to him there was a black crow ready to take the flight, and to frame everything, Dagaz, the rune. 

I woke with the heart was beating like a hammer.
I’ve tried to reasoning. 
Those yellownish pupils were still staring me, even when i’ve opened the eyes, and i still could still hear the black crow croacking. 
I threw away the air from the lungs. 
Everything had a sense, and more i was looking at me around, inside that bath tub, more i was feel ridicolous, and at end i came out from the bathroom, not before to have made me a quick shower, and dressed with new clothes.
The sun seemed had taken place in the room, as much it was bliding the light, but now i didn’t care. 
I went open the window, and i could hear Philip voice on the phone, who was making some orders from his supplier, and i smiled.

I sat in front of that desk, looking for to put in row those few images that were hammering my head. I have taken the little leather bag on the little round table next to window, and i have opened it. When i found Dagaz, i tightened it in my hands closing the eyes. 
Among the crow and her meaning, i have threw down my conclusion, and now more than ever, i wanted leave that room, and go to have a big breakfast, and maybe have a lovely chat with Philip, not before to have put in the bag, some crackers for the dog.

I came out, and i directed myself toward that door that was taking directly to the next building, and when i entered in that aisle, i had, already, take a look to the end of that aisle well lit. 
I started to talk for make feel my voice, but nothing has happened.
I hadn’t heard, not even the hanged chains moving.  
More i went ahead, more everything seemed vanished: i just began to hear the whistle followed by the great noise of steam that came out from the pipes. 

I made the first steps inside the dark aisle: in front of me there was the rusty stair, but none sign of the hanged chains, neither of the dog. 
I looked at me around, and holding back the breathe, i went inside the under stair: it was empty, neither a bunch of fur: despite it was dusty, it was immaculate without a dog fur. 
I started to looking at me around, and i begun to walk fast toward the second door of the Philip local.

When i entered in the local i sat at my table, looking for an answer, then i asked about that dog to Philip, and he replying with another question: “What dog?”
I remained breathless: was it possible that i had imagine everything?”


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