You look at

Ahead, i’m looking at toward you, and our hearts are exploding at same instants.
We are inside a spiral. 

When i have opened the eyes, i felt immediately your arms that were embraced my belly, and that sensation is lasting till now, and it will lasting till i’ll go to sleep.

The soft punch in stomach is present since i woke, and my head is exploding.

If i hold the breathe i can feel your tight making itself stronger around my hips. 
You are tightening more against you, and i can feel your whisper… your voice that delicately is saying me: “Taking me in Our Parallel World, it’s there i want stay.”

There, is everything connect with our mind, souls, hearts, and it’s there is all what we feel.
It’s enough that you close your eyes, and everything become wonderful.
Hold back the breathe, and throw it away, and all in a stroke, we are there.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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