“Immediately” – short story ♠14♠

After given a latest thankful glance to Philip, i’ve taken for the very first time the second door keys, that he had gave me, for run away from all those emotions that were chasing me.
I was feeling something that was growing inside me, if i din’t had left that place immediately.
I had the heart that has jumped in head, and everything beating around and inside me.
I didn’t know how stop everything this.

When i closed the door behind the shoulders, i have close the eyes, and i leaned myself on that door, to take again breathe, and looking for to get back calm.
I had closed the door at the same instant i had closed the eyes, and when i re opened them, i found myself in an enviroment totally obscure and bad lit. 

That door must be made of heavy league: the buzz of the bar, all in a sudden was vanish, and i was there alone.
Just some strange, and creepy noises were coming out from those smoking walls. 
I knew which path i had to take:i had memorized everything Philip had said me the night earlier.
It seemed a shortcut to arrive straight inside the building next to the bar, but on the contrary, now, it seemed longest shortcut that i had taken.
My heart was still beating, like it was above a rollercoaster, and it had to splash out from my body like a bullet. 

My path was acoompanied by those long pipes that were throwing away vapor at a marked rhythm, followed before by a sinister whistle.
When i heard it for the first time, i stopped, looking at me around, not understanding what it was. 
The few lamps made themselves everything still more surreal.

When i have stopped to see what it was that whistle, for then, to see the steam come out from the pipes,  i have covered the eyes with a hand, and my skin was become of a colour among a yellonish and greenish: it wasn’t a good look, but it wasn’t that one that was scaring me. 
Along that long shortcut, i had, even heard chains noises; and it was not possible that it was just the strenght of the vapor to move them. 
There was someone else beyond me in that aisle.

Not immediately, the pale lights were turned on along all the aisle, and not every were stable: some of them were turning off and turning on, and when i arrived at the point to turn the corner, it was there that i heard that noise of chains: i held back the breathe. 
I had across enough that aisle to know when the whistle was about to start and warning me for the exit of the steam, and this happening about each two minutes, but that chain noise, it was out of normal.

I had to make few steps to turn the corner, when i heard it again: by now, i was entered in the mechanism of those two minutes, and i had a jolt, when i heard that noise in my brain.
I’ve stopped, looking at me around.
By now, i could see other kind of  walls, and finally an aisle well lit.
But that noise has chilled my blood. Just in front the corner where i had to turn, there was a rusty stair, and just under of it, several hanged chains: it from there, i had heard that noise. 

Despite  it was in front to the corner well lit, it was hard to see who was among those chains: because there was someone!
I have could hear it breathing. From those few breathes, i have immediately understood, that it was an animal.
I’ve lean myself on the wall just in front, and slowly i have slided myself on the floor, and i’ve waited for, starting to talk slow. 
I knew, that there was a poor scared animal.

I have started to talk about what i felt when that guy was entered in the pub, and about everything  rest 
I believe to be remained there about an hour, when at end, two yellownish pupils has came out, and they has begun to stare at me, as if  he understood what i was trying to say. 

He pulled out his face from that black hole, and at end i have could see him: he was a scared dog with black and white long fur. 
Slowly i stretched the hand,  for make him understand that i didn’t wanted get hurt him, but he remained there.
We stared each other for a bit, then delicately, i got up, and with sweet voice i said him i would go in my room: i was a bit tired, and slowly i left that place. 
Finally, the dog has came out from where he was, with his shaking tail,but he didn’t followed me. He remained sit looking at me moving me away. 
I’ll would be pass from that passage the next day.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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