“When” – short story ♠13♠


All in a stroke, that evening, the sky has become all purple, in the bar has fallen the silence, and everybody came to the window to see what was happening, Philip helped me to across the local for make me see better that strange effect that was covering the sky of the neighborhood.

It seemed that someone had decided to take a paintbrush for draw something mysterious above us.

Among those eyes that were staring that purple sky, were, also yours, that yes, were fascinated by that strange phenomenon, but were more attracted by the girl who was next to Philip, and who smiling him, murmuring him something.
Philip knew what was running among me, and that guy: but he didn’t had say nothing.
He were looking at me who i was blushing, without an apparently reason.
I had come out, and for the very first time, i was really close to you.

I looked for to pretend that it was happening nothing, but in reality, inside me was happening everything and more.
It was that evening, that i’ve noticed that tiny neo under your left eye.
Since i’ve noticed that imperfection of the skin, i didn’t care of anything else.

Yes, i was looking at the purple sky that slowly was disappearing, but in reality, it was i didn’t see anything else but that tiny neo.
Next to Philip, sweetly i was biting my lips, looking for to think to another things, but it, always, got back in mind, as soon i was think, for example what to order, when i would be got back at my table.

Slowly, the wonder among the clients of the pub of that purple sky was vanishing, and as much slowly, they back at their sit, and the buzzing inside those four walls, was increased once again.

The only, still inside that bubble were us, and unconsciously, even Philip, who was taking my hand to help me to return at the bottom of the local, but as much unconsciously i’ve tightened his hand for block his attempt to rise me.
Without say a word, in a fragment of second, i have been a swollen river: he has understood in which situation he has been trapped, and without further actions, he nodded, and he asked Barb to take there a pair of iced glass of mineral water, there where we were.

There was a stool that divided us, and you was still looking at outside the big glass door of the entrance, while our hearts were about to explode.
You was pretending to be interested in that strange effect in the sky, but as me first, you was studying all my tinest skin imperfections: you was staring my profile, and you was shyly smiling under the mustaches, and occassionally, you looking at Philip, who was the first to talk.

During that circumstance, your voice, your deep voice, has pierced me. I remained as much breathless, that right after your comment, i have looked at Phillip, and i made him understand to want return at my table, hid among the people.

Without any effort i got up, and this time, it seemed that was me who helping Philip to across the crowded bar.
I had the heart that was about literally to explode: your tiny neo, your voice, they made me crazy, that when Philip said me:”I was about to presenting you… when you escaped away” , i have looked at him, replying him: “What you have done tonight, it’s been one of the most great gesture you have done for me… hear to his voice has filled my soul… my heart is still beating like a crazy… it’s better that i go now.”

I have looked at behind his big body size, and you was still there, and  you hadn’t understood what really was happened looking at you around disoriented toward the bottom of bar, looking for to catch for my glance, even for another second.

You seemed a dream that little by little was becoming true…
I left the bar from the service door throwing away the air from the lungs.”


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