“After” – short story ♠12♠

Several days, without have found a suitable room, with Philip, i had agreed a small deal.
I would have live in that smallest room, without to pretend living in a hotel with four stars: i didn’t asking nothing better.
Without any effort, i would been a person to have a chat with at each ocassion presenting itself.

I have would explained him why i ran away from my parents, and he would tell me his story, and maybe one day of these i would ask him what did he find in my glance for remain so fascinated by me, each time i was chat with him.

He decided to give me a second pair of keys of the pub, for my safeness.
Ocassionally the pub was so crowded of incurance people, that he had fear that to exit from the main entrance it was an obstacle run, for me, and i had decided that my table would been that one the hidest of the pub, and the farest from the entrance, that one behind the wood curtain. I was love to be not noticed, but i was love also be in among the people.
As i always said: “Hide between the people”, and this Philip had, immediately, understood it, proposing me that table, never used, and there, i found my little world, but he was so careful to make me notice the danger of a fall that i ran each evening that i got back in my room, giving me that keys, one evening, who he has settled himself to the place in front of me at that table. 

I’ve taken those keys from his fat and greasy hands, given him a sweet glance, holding back the breathe, for then throw it away.
He had decide to give me them when in the pub there were those few drunk people, and the duty to set them away was entrusted to Barb, the cleverest in these things.
While, she was accompanying outside the lastest drunk, in the pub was fallen a silence almost deafeaning, and the ears were begun to whistle.

He looked at me, almost as if he had got hurt my pride, and he knew it, but on this he was intransigent, and on this i had to endure his decision, and that decision, still i didn’t know, it would have made me survive one day. 

When one by one, the lights of the pub were turned off, and with a shy salute, Barb has left us, Philip helped me to got up, and he went  in front of the service door, and he opened it, with that key that just few minutes before he gave me: in his deep, he wanted see if they really did working, as the blacksmisth had said him.
They did work! He smiled at me, as if it was one the fewest time that he didn’t must get back to the blacksmisth for lament himself, for the bad work.

For the first time i had take a look inside of that one seemed a long a dark aisle full of vapor that was come out from the grey pipes along all the path till arrive an another door that was open itself inside the building just next to the pub, where it was the small room that Philip had gave me.

It seemed to enter in a Dante’s circle.

Philip had explained me where i had to turn, and i repeated it to myself several time to memorized it well.
“I believe to throw down a sketch, when i’ll arrive in room” i said him, but that time i have prefered to exit from the main entrance. 
By now, in the pub there were only us. 

Philips could not say me no, and he gave me again the keys, tightening them in my hand saying me: “Make you a good use of them”. 
I looked at him sweetly, and i caressed his face, thanking him for everything he was doing for me: he blushed.

I left the pub looking at me to the left, and to the right, then i went to the right, looking at the keys i had in hand shaking the head, but smiling tenderly.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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