“Since” – short story – ♠11♠

The very first time i entered in his bar, Philip has reserved me a special treatment.

I was new of that city, and i didn’t know where i could go, above all in my physical conditions: it was better that i choosing a place, and remain there.
I had met Philip, on street, when the taxi had take me in that unknown place, when i asked to take me: “farest possible”.

It was unusual to see a taxi stop itself just there: it was the latest place where you would be like stop yourself. 
When i opened the car door, i started to take a look around, when the hoarse voice of taxi driver asked me coughing, continuing to smoke, assiduously : “Is it ok here?”
I was continue to stare what there was around me, and without pay attetion to what he was saying, i have just murmuring, and i paid the run, taking out the minimal bags i had. I just thanked him, and he mumbling, took the money counting them at his turn, then without indulge, he went away, leaving behind a big grey cloud of smoke. 

I coughed, looking for come out from the cloud of smoke had surrounded me.
I looked at the only person interdicted who had attend to all this ridicolous scene of which i was starring, and coming out from that grey cloud, still coughing, i excused myself, shyly smiling him. 

I presented myself, looking for to don’t be goofier than usual: i knew that i could attract some indescreet glances because of my way of walking, but in that instants i really didn’t care, and that person came to me, not for help me, not for support me, but just to take the only two bags i had, and for make me enter in that pub, for take something to drink. 
I thanked him so much, and at end he presented himself as Philip, the owner. 

He told me, when i arrived, he had as soon threw away the first bunch of garbage bags of the day, and it was the first time, after long time, that someone has decided to stop there, in that lost neighborhood. 

The blindling sunlight was enter inside the pub, still empty. 
I looked at me around: i liked it: it wasn’t the usual pub. It had something special in its simplicity. 
It reminded me those ’50 pub, that i had always seen in that old magazines in grandma house, that weren’t never threw away, that were contained a pinch of that special magic of that old time went.

Philip remained for a bit in silence, while i looked for to ambienting me, in that new place still to discover.
“From where you was escaped away?” His eyes were asking me, while i was drinking an iced mineral water from a big glass.
He was deeply staring me, as if in my eyes, he had found again someone else who had lost from a time.
We looked at each other, and we smiled each other. 

He was the first person i had met, and without asking nothing in change, he had offered me immediately, to enter in his pub to drink something, and above all he wasn’t looking at me a girl with physcal problems, but he was looking at me as girl which talk to with, know my story.

Both two was thinking to our own things, but we didn’t stop to smile each other, when all in a stroke, he asked me: “Dear, do you have a place for sleep tonight?”
That question has arrived out of blue: had left the house of my parents without know where i would passed the night: what a fool i’ve been.
Shyly i shaked the head, without know what say: i wanted to hid myself.
“Don’t worry, i have a small room that i don’t use, just above the pub… can  interested? Tomorrow we will looking for a room more suitable “
I wanted hug him, but i limited myself to thank him shyly.
For me it enough had a roof above the head for that night. 

It’s useless say that it has became “my room”.



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