When i

Opened the eyes it was because i felt your arms starting to enveloping me the belly, and i whispered your name.

My head has begun to hammer, and your arms has begun to tightening me stronger.

It were days, that i didn’t feel your embrace, but it was logical, but when i felt it again, i gave you “welcome back”, and even now, i’m feeling your closiness make itself bigger, and your desire to let me know something.

My soft punch in stomach is chocking me. 
I have fear to turn myself: if i find you?
My emotions could be to explode.
Slowly i feeling our eletric shocks crossing our minds.

Despite our distance it’s easy to feel this vise, that from one part it close itself, but from the other one it open itself widely, and it show us the most hide part of the soul, and it’s there that us would like to stay. 

Today i didn’t have to leave my emotions, and sensations out. 
You was in my head, around me for whole time, but i have decided to work, but now, if i close the eyes, your closiness is clearest than other things.
I close the eyes, and what i’m feeling is you who is touching me, and pulling me toward your chest.
My emotions are at maximum.
In front of me Perth and Teiwaz: the destiny, and the strenght.
With you in play, the destiny has played the most beautiful game with me, and my will strenght is going on, and when i will see that small flag, i will have the certainty of everything this that isn’t pure coincidence. 
I feel your great desire, and in those hours is growing up, and what you are feeling is enveloping me: you are saying me it. 

I hold back the air for then throw it away. My heart is exploding, and is literally going crazy. 
In these instants we are connect, and everything is arounding us: we are the centre of something new that is being born inside Our Parallel World. 

Are you feel it, even you?


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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