What i’m feel

Right now it’s something bigger that i could imagine: in silence you arrived, and how i thought, everything matching. 

I was feeling somethng was growing inside me, each day that was passing, and you wasn’t came: but at the first occasion that small flag… 

I have felt your sweet embrace envelopng my belly, while you was saying sweet words. My heart was going crazy, and it’s continuing to go crazy
I smiling, throwing away the air from the lungs:  i need to do it

We are strong connected: we are in parallel lanes that occassionally clashing one with another, and our hearts starts to beats strong, and our heads are exploding at same time.

Yesterday i was feeling that something it would be happen, and it was so.
Tell me you are feel the same…. i’m sure you are feel the same, if not this not could happen just right after few hours that i wrote what i wrote. 

What has happened five years ago, it’s developing itself in a mysterious way.
We are two souls that are dancing in the universe, and we are merging one with another, always more.
I throwing away the air, because it’s the only thing that i can do in these instants.
More i think to what has happened, more i shaking, and for sure, i don’t go to scream it to whole world, if not they take me for real like a crazy… but it has happened.

When i opened the eyes, and i felt your embrace, i thought to go crazy, instead…. here, you was…. there.
I’m thinking you more than usual in these hours….

All the sensations we know, are choking me stronger than usual.
It seems that you want make me understand you feel me…. isn’t so??
I would wanted not go crazy, but it’s what i’m doing

Maybe we are really in Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓



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