“That night”- short story – ♠10♠

You didn’t find the way to sleep.
You turned yourself many times, you didn’t find a right position in that big, and comfortable bed, though you was tired.
“Maybe i have drunk a glass of beer extra?” you have thought, but just when was saying yourself, you was fallen asleep.

Everything has started with the clear signs of a big hangover: the scrambling stomach, with the head that was exploding, and everything around seemed to belong to you no longer.

It seemed that deepest part of your soul could came out, and in someways, you had a soflt blade inside you, and it shred to shreds each part of your body, as if it was useless.

You didn’t feeling hurt, but it was like your soul, for real, came out from you, but it was doing with extreme delicateness.
Your heart was beating strong, as much strong that you have asked yourself: “What’s happening?” 
You have opened the eyes: you will  have slept, not even half hour.  
You have would like to got up, but it was better remain there where you was.

The white curtain was caressing your body half naked. 
Slowly the buzz of the city was vanish, and the only sound that you could hearing was of your heart, that was increasing.
You didn’t know what to do. 

That sensation of void inside you got bigger, but at same time it was the most beautiful feeling of tranquillity that you was feeling.
You have close the eyes, and threw away the air from the lungs, looking for to make re enter all in the normality, but more you was trying to, more seemed the exact contrary.  
That sensation was being born from inside the stomach, and little by little, it was expanding in all body
You could feel something new entering inside you. 

Slowly your heart seemed got back to beat normal, but on the contrary, it had, only changed rythm: it was slower, but sometimes, it got back to beat like a crazy, but all this, sliding inside something velvety, without those jolts, that you could feel inside your chest before.
It was like to sailing inside a sea storm, but without ever touch the sea. 

It was happening something new: you was thinking  you was dreaming, but that heart beat was so real, and you was watchful: you was thinking to everything you had done that day, when all in a sudden, that face of that girl has back in mind, and everything has begun once again, but this time, everything was taking form. 

You threw away the air from the lungs, when a soft punch in the stomach has begun to envelope your being, when  from your head… inside your head, has begun to unleash something never felt before, and in your imagination you have see, what you was feeling like two eletric shocks that were crossing one another, glimpsing my eyes, my face… me.

You remained breathless. 
Your heart has started again to beat strong, like it was on a rollercoaster.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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