“That night” – short story ♠9♠

I didn’t slept well. Something disturbed my sleep, but i knew what it was: it was that i didn’t wanted admited it to myself.

I had still my diary next to me on bed, and just those words i had wrote, as soon entered in my room could get calm me.
It was deep night. 

My little window made enter just the light of the only place that made me feel in safe, even if in those instants my heart was in storm, but just see them, it gave me the serenity to pass the night. 
I knew that on my desk there was always that phone number that i could call at each hour of the night: there was always Philip for everything i had need.
But for that sensation that was continued to hammering my head, there was none who could help me.

I’ve tried to sleep, reading again what i had wrote: in a cetain sense those words helped me, and slowly i fallen asleep.
I didn’t knew if the next day i would meet him again. I didn’t knew nothing about that guy.

Slowly,  Morpheus has embraced me in his wrapping arms.

I have opened the eyes, and found myself at first glimpse, in an unknown place, but more i was walking, more i belived to have been, already there, to have lived certain moments in that place, but everything was so confused. 

I walked throught that dusty main boulevard of that isolated city. 
Call it city, seemed me an esageration, it looked like a small village: a village of other period.

I didn’t noticed about my clothes, but when i looked at me around, i looked at down, and me, even, i have noticed that i had on the same clothes of the women i meeting along the street.

It seemed that everybody knew who i was, and they moved away from me, as if i was someone to avoid: just the children came to me, asking to reveal them some trick that i only knew. 
I just smiled them, not understand what they exactly wanted  from me.
Walking slow, i directed toward the only house of the village off  its own borderline.
I was looking at everybody who staring me without say a word, and when they were doing it, they murmuring something, without take their glances off my person. 

I held back the breathe for then throw it away, and in hurry i taken the way toward that house, that was calling me.
In my deep i knew, there i would find a place which i could stay.

When i was to leave the dusty boulevard, a hand grabbed me my arm: i believed that someone of that people wanted hurt me. 
On the contrary it was the only man who has approached to me, without judging.
For a long stretch of road, he accompanied me toward where i wanted go without say nothing, then he stopped, as if  he could not go on beyond a certain point.

Under the big mantel he had on, i could feel his fragile body, and his eyes were covered by a big hat with wide flaps, but when he was about leave me, he lifted his face, and i have could see his gentle eyes.
As i figured, he was old, and even the wisest among the other citizens of that village. 
“Don’t worry of those persons” launching a glance toward those there, who were still looking at us, and he continued: “Enter in that house, close yourself in, and make one of your reading with your magical stones. At end, you will smile”, and without add nothing else, he has vanish in the nothing. 

All in a stroke, i opened the eyes, and with still the words of that old man of another era, in my head, i got up, and i taken my little bag with «my magical stones», and i have done that reading. 
I was missed the breath.”


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