“Everything” – short story ♠8♠

Was floating, and we didn’t understand what could be was.
A continuos sound was in our mind, and everything seemed in continuos changing.

When, all in a sudden, we have opened the eyes we found ourselves in front of a big black puddle of water
I tightened your hand, and in a whisper i said: “I don’t like!”
You looked at me, tightening more the hand, and with a quick nod, you made me understand that it was better go away, but with extreme calm. 
That what we had in front, wasn’t a simple a puddle of water, but it was the most dangerous enemy that we had ever faced up to. 
Just to naming it made to shake everything we had around.
Inside of it there was a continuos black vortex, that was swallowing, even the tinest thought we had. 

We were found ourselves in that dark forsaken alley, after have crossed a path without to know why we were crossing it
There was a deadly silence, and just the drops that falling from the gutters resounding in all that poor zone of that city. 
We were in front of the lastest residues of the biggest thing that we had faced up to in Our Parallel World, and it was looking for to absorb, even our smallest thought, for destroy it.

We weren’t in Blue City: everything was so dark and grey, and the silence was chilling the blood. 
We staring the dark puddle of water, that was trying make space among a tiny track in the concrete, but that the concrete itself was absorbing, leaving no longer to it a way to escape.
In that wet concrete, we were seeing just bad things.

It knew that was about to be defeat definitely, for to return no longer in our lives, and it has pulled out the most dramatic moment, in which it was about to divide us for the second time. 
In that trickle that, slowly, was became smaller, we relived those instants in which i was about to be swallow inside of it.
Unconsciously you have tightened my hand stronger, and my heart stopped for all the lasting of that scene.

We had feel the same sensations: my scream, your wide eyes open, that chocking sensation, him that was pull me toward that black hole, and your hands that were pull me toward you: an exhausting struggle.
I was to going crazy, but we both knew that it was his latest proof to make us fallen in his trap, for reborn again, even if it was at the extreme of his strength.

When the latest trickle of that puddle of black water, hasn’t found a new path to goes ahead, slowly the concrete has absorbed the lastest particle of  the most dangerous thing of our lives, and it has vanished in silence, inside its own darkness.

The Nothing had abandoned us forever. 

Tightening your hand, i sighed: “Take me away from here, please!”⇒
You looked at me nodding in silence.

For the last time we looked at the wet concrete that was drying up everything.
We looked at each other, and we threw away the air from the lungs, moving away slowly.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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