“From those” – short story – ♠7♠

Glances two tinest particles in the universe were clashing each other, creating at their own time one thing never seen before.

While, each one were in our own appartment looking for to understand why we were feeling so strange, why our hearts didn’t stop to beat like two crazy, a tiny light has illuminated the sky, making fallen invisible particles on that anonymous city, while our feeling were about to making us crazy.

Me in my small room, and you in your open space, were seemed two caged animals: something inside making us feel restless. 
I spent that night without have closed the eyes not even for a second. 
I was looking those strange effects in the sky, questioning me what they could were, and i was looking at the city that slowly, it was about to fallen asleep. 

The sign of Philip bar had some technical problems, and when it was turning off, those strange lights in the sky were more visible, and each time that small soft thunders clashing one with another, seemed were fallen small streamers. 
It was the first time that i was watching stuff like that.

I seen a couple of these light game in sky, as soon  before the sign of the pub was stabilized, entering in my room coloring it, first by a blu color, then immediately after by a red, and then they has begun to merging one with another, covering completly the dark sky. 
I was remain on my little chair, staring the sky, looking for to rest myself, but my heart continuing to beat strong. 
I’ve been able to close the eyes for a couple of minutes.

In your appartment, you was lay on the sofa.
You was sleeping with that sheet of paper on your chest, when all in a sudden a bang has waken up both. 

You have opened the eyes, looking at you around keeping the crumpled sheet of paper in your hand, for then looking at it once again, repeating that phrase you had wrote, but then you went at the window, and you have looked at outside.
Your heart has begun to beat fast. 
Me in that small room, i have opened the eye wide open: my heart has jumped in my head, and i wasn’t able to swallow. 

From far, a dog was yelping to the moon obscured by that small glimmer that slowly becomng bigger. 
A tiny rain has begun to fall, and its smell has surrounded everything, but it seemed being part of everything that was happening.
That glimmer seemed something more than a simple astral phenomenon.
You  wanted to come out to lift the eyes to the sky, and for to feel on your skin that tiny rain. 
Without realizing, you had still that sheet of paper in your hand, while you came out. 
Slowly you was getting wet. 
That soft rain was caressing your face, and you was making to you that question, tightening strong that sheet of paper.

When you got back in your apartment, you was completly wet, but it seemed that rain had cleaned yourself from inside, and in those seconds, looking at the sheet of paper, you have decide, whatever was happened in the next days, you would have come to that bar, just to look to meet those eyes of that girl.
You held back the breath, for then throw it away.

I had attended to the rain falling, with my heart was go crazy, and i was looking at that small glimmer that was becoming bigger with just one question that slowly making itself space in my mind, and when those words in row has formulated it, the dark sky of the night has been illuminated by that glimmer became a ball of fire that immediately after it has exploded, slowly vanishing, leaving behind of it a track of million of falling stars.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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