“When our ” – short story – ♠6♠

Glances met for the very first time, it has been out of blue. 
Inside us has begun a revolution of emotions of which we hadn’t know, not even the existence.

That evening you have made all the possible to turn yourself toward me, without made noticed it from your friends, and each time you made it, beyond our heart that begun to explode, there was another bigger thing that was clashed with another one.
And it was growing always more, at each our heart beating, and inside of it another lives were being born.

I was at my table, enclosed inside my thoughts, and my glance called you, each time i missing the breathe, and in those instants i just waited for you could feel my recall. 

Each minimum particular inside that bar was becoming so useless. Trought that wood curtain i was seeing your back, and ocassionally, your face leaning itself on your arms, and you was look for to see beyond, and in someway, our gazes were always meeting .
Those fugacious gazes made us literally going crazy.
When with your friends, have left the bar, you have found me no longer: i was, already ran away.
Everything was exploding around me, and when you have left the bar, you have looked at you around, as if you could find me among the other clients: but i was vanished: maybe you have wouldn’t meet me again.

Your friends wanted to go to another place, but with a simple excuse, you said them that you wanted to go to rest, because the next day you have would taken others boxes to bring in your apartment, and in that way you would had time to think about what was real happened in that bar.
“To who belonged those wonderful eyes, and why my heart doesn’t stop to beat so strong?” Were the questions that were hammering your head. 

That evening, from fridge, have taken another beer, but after as soon one sip, you threw it away in the sink. 
You didn’t wanted be dazed no more: you had made the foolish just enough, and those eyes, in those short instants, had made you understood many things more than in a whole life. 

You sat on sofa, closing the eyes you held back the air inside you, for then throw it away, as if you had a heavy weight on the stomach, but on the contrary, it was the very first time, after a long period that you was feeling so well, and all this was make you feel breathless, and your head was about to explode, and everything came from those fewest glances you had shared with that girl; which you didn’t know, not even, who she was, and if you would meet her again.

Just one question was crowding your mind, and it seemed came out for to be scream aloud out of the window, but you have stared a sheet of paper in front of you, and you have screamed it writng it. 

Looking what you had wrote, you have sighed it again: “Who are you?”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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