“I still” – short story – ♠5♠

«Feel that sensation that is growing inside me from when i saw that numbers on my smartphone.
And i feel your arms enveloping me from behind, and that vise that is chocking my stomach. 

Everything has exploded in a second, and that sensation that i know from when everything has started, is hammering me from inside. 
Is it possible that everything is making being part of of one thing drawn by the universe, and what we are feeling it is only its effect? 
From when i saw those numbers, and knowing their meanings, i just can imagine us, alone together, and despite those sunglasses, i can see your wonderful eyes.»

“Since you have started to stared me like this, i missing the breathe, my heart has begun to beat irregurarly: sometime fast, sometime slow, and my  blood flows starting to go just in one direction only.
We remain like this for all the time, we have need. In silence, while our breathes begin to increase. 
We surrounded by explode million of colors, and we know  they has born from that your sly smile.
I can look at you no longer: even the tinest shade of your glance, could provoke my millionth emotion.

Slowly you stretching your hand toward me, and with a sweet nod, you say me to approach to you.

When our skin is touch, we looked at our hands first, then slowly our eyes are meeting, and you smiilng me more, then you get back to look at my hand into your. 
Everything is going slow, but is what we need. 
My glance doesn’t know where look at: it’s everything  so floating. 

For a moment i close the eyes, and i let transport me by the perfurmes i feel, when i perceive you sat closer to me, and tightening my hand, your body is touching mine.
Your arm are tightening my hip. I feel all this: i don’t want open the eyes.
“And if is this just a dream?”, but all in a sudden your deep voice: “I’m here.”
Those two words thrills me, and they enter inside me. 
Your hand on my hip tightening me more. 
I can perceive your heart beating stronger, and my throat is closing itself: i would wish drink.
All my blood in body is drying.
Slowly i open the eyes, and once again we meet.
I looking at me around, there nothing that make me understand where we are, but is it important? No…

Sweetly you pull me toward you, and your perfume pervades my soul, and almost by chance, our lips are touch, and my body lean itself on your, and delicately my hand leans itself on your chest under that unfastened shirt.
I look at it first, then i look at you, who take it, and you have make slide it more inside, and at end with all the delicateness, you put me over your knees, and finally we are one in front another, while you tightening both hips, slowly my hands unfastening completely your shirt, and slowly i discover both your shoulders, while our lips begins to kiss each other, and one of your hand leaves the tight of the hips, looking for something among my thighs, pushing aside the panties.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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