“Delicately” – short story – ♠4♠

We looked at us straight in the eye without say nothing, and slowly we went inside the apartment, and we went up.

The night was high in the sky, and after a lastest sweet glance, a soft kiss on our lips, you have wanted keep me among your arms till we fallen asleep.

In all in a sudden, we woke up with our hearts that were beating like crazy.
We were in our bedroom but we hadn’t recognize it.
The walls were the same, like the white soft curtain: everything was the same but in someway we were in the usual bedroom not longer.
Outside the big window the wonderful landscape was vanished, and the sunlight were covered by a blanket of clouds that were were merging of smelling smoke.

We knew, were in Our Parallel World no longer: with a quick glance, we held back the breathe, and with all the careful of the case we went down.
A siren sound has made us jolt. 

When we went down, we remained speechless: the appartment was no longer our appartment in which we had lived till now.
And that smell of smoke was merging with another one that was enter in nostrils, and was make stort the guts: that of blood
I looked at on the floor, and what i have seen it had no longer a form, but without shadow of doubt, it was a body. 
The door of the appartment was wide open, and who was entering, knew what to do. 
We were surrounded by police, detectives, but none of them made noticed us.

You have pulled me toward you, while we observing everything breathless,  we questioning us: “Where are we? Who’s that one, and why does nobody say us what has happened?”

Everybody had a lot to do, and seemed nobody see us, but we were real persons, because in their come and go, they pushed us, and occassionally they excuse themselves. 

As much they went fast, we hadn’t realized in which dimension we were: we realized it, just when one of these has stared us for long without say nothing. He looked at toward our part, as if he had noticed us for the first time in that chaos, and we had captured each his particular sign.

With his grey suit, his brown skin was make itself notice still more, but what has impressed us has been his white eyes with no pupils, and that big, and deep scar that crossing his, already, wrinkled face, and his long-limbed, and it seemed he had squared us, and then he took a note, looking at us, once again, then he got back to examine the body pour on the ground in his own blood spot.
When he decided to make to spin the body, he looked at us again, and we given him the glance back. 

I tightened myself against your body, always more, as if i wanted hid myself from a thingt that i didn’t wanted see, and however, that body has been found in the place that once was our apartment, and we were there, audience of that bloody show.  

When five hurried dwarfs has turned up the body, our hearts stopped, and i wasn’t able to stop the retches. 

That face was gnawed till the bones, and the detective examining it better, threw away all the air he had in that lean body.
He recognized immediately the signs of whom had killed that one creature who, by now, has not longer a form, and it was unrecognizable even with the few rests who had. 
The detective, turning himself toward us, slowly nodded negatively, and he just pronnounced just one name: “Emmeck, the werewolf”.
He was him who had killed at cold blood that poor victim in that open space that it looked our appartment.

He got up, and his glance toward us was became less severe.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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