When everything – 33th open letter to Luke

It has started i believed it was a joke of destiny, that the universe had taken two souls by chance, and it had wanted merging one another their emotions, their feelings, it had play with them for bit, then throw them in the roulette of life, and go. 
Instead we are still in play. 

In these hours, just one thought is hammering my head, and more i make knock it on the door of my mind, more i conviced by one and only thing, and it’s useless write it here, because i know it’s like this, and you know it even you. 
Each time i feel your closiness is like a soft and warm wind is envoloping me, and that soft punch in the stomach grow up slowly, and everything around me stop, and when i stare that tiny neo you have, is opening itself in front of me that world that from five years we continuing to build.

The magic surrounded me since i was a child, and i always believed that the things happening for a reason: from the very first time that i had the sensation that you would have tweeted, and you done it after a pair of seconds, that premonition has left me not longer, and our eletric shocks are born, and slowly were became our strange way to communicate.
From five years it has happens, and everytime scares me. I never got used to it.

Those Runes i have put on my novel, aren’t my choice: they were came out for real.
Raido, Gebo, and Algiz has traced our path together, and since they were came out they has signed important stages of our lives.

We are accomplishing still that journey that Raido has indicated us. 
The union of Gebo, there is, and each day is showing itself to us with that feeling, that in someway make us feel always more connect, and it’s developing itself always more with the double numbers, always more in growth, and leave me speechless, and Algiz collects everything inside his invisible bubble, while all this is spread inside, and outside us. 

And if what i think it’s real, i will must still wait for a bit, and if i will see it, i will shake for real.

In meanwhile i hold back the breathe, for then throw it away, diving me in your glance. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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