“When” – short story – ♠3♠

Giant Wolf ha startetd tell us his story, in the big meadow in front of our appartment has fallen a silence almost surreal, and our breathes were merging with the others, almost to accompany his words in the retrace his strungling story.
For a short time he looked at us, and he smiled one to one.

I threw away the air from the lungs, and slowly i stretched my hands toward your, and after a second later our glances met. 
I knew half of his story, but when he started from when he met her beloved i remained breathless. 

“When i met her for the first time i was younger, and maybe lesser smart than now: but maybe it was my unconsciousness it has been her half salvation.
She was the most beautiful creature i ever seen in whole world.
She was being part of a gang that dictated law: for the precision she was the girl-friend of the leader, that was made bad, and good weather wherever they went. 
I had understood that that one life wasn’t for me: you know my nature.”
He looked at us first, then everybody present, and slowly we nodded. 
If he have would meet a fly in difficulty, he would have not crushed her, on the contrary, he would find a way to help her, and in deep he has been him to helped me when i was fainted on the street, and unconsciously that thought has crossed your mind, when you tightened delicately my hand laid on the grass, we looked at us quickly, then we have started again to listen to Giant Wolf who had begun to talk again.

“Each attempt to being part of that gang it has been a failure: at each cost i wanted to catch her attention, but without realizing, i’ve made it. After a couple of days, she came out from that place that they called their reign, that wasn’t nothing else a bunch of old stuff, like snatched matress, rusty bed nets, and machine carcasses, under a dark bridge fallen in disgrace, and she asked me why i attempting to enter in a group that it was clear it wasn’t made for me. When i replied her ‘just for you’, i have could see in her gaze, that till now, none had said her what were their feeling for her. I have seen in her the same glance that you have  for you both. From that night, we have met hidly.
I could to demand to enter in that group each couple of month using a test of courage, and two months later, after that night, i have used the most dangerous test of my life: to challenge the leader for her…”

He left those latest words in suspended. My heart was filling by one of the greatest emotion, knowing how it went.
My eyes got wet and some tears were fallen, while i was looking for hold back every emotions i feeling. 
Sweetly you have pulled me toward you, and without any effort i laid me on your chest, while your arms were embracing me, as if you wanted protect me from any evil. 

He continued his story.
“From when i declared my love for her, we met us again and again, till i knew she was remained pregnant” and he looked at his little puppy, smiling him.
“When the challenge day has came everyone were waiting for a big fought, but when she putted herself by my side, the leader had already understood who would have win, and he left the matter go. But it could, already, to breath something, and it was like this.
Without have fought, i had taken him away the most beautiful creature that he had have in his poor life.
He seemed he had accepted the defeat: he left us for a bit, but when has born our son, he returned to the charge, and he done it without mercy.
The gang had left its safe place under the bridge, leaving it to us, where we had found a camper … that camper” he looked at me, and i held back the breath.
“One night i left them inside the camper, for go to take something to eat… but when i returned i found the hell.
My beloved pours on the ground with the belly torn apart, and my puppy next her side who was crying. It has been so heartbreaking: i have tried to reanimated her, but it was useless, therefore i i taken him and i left that damned place, and when we found Daria on the street we were escaping away from there.”
Then, we know how it went.

Without add nothing else, we looked at each other, and just with glance we everybody have embraced Giant Wolf, who was craddling his puppy.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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