I’m throwing the air

From the lungs, because this is the umpteenth proof that the universe wants say us something important, and in someways you have collect my desire and in few hours you made me feel understand, maybe, even unconsciously,  to have feel my desire.

This make me scare a bit, but in someways i know that we are in slow communication, and there is all the honesty in what i’m feeling for you. 
Now all the universe is going crazy to say us something very important: our soft punch in the stomach is growing fast, and i feel your embrace become stronger.
I missing the air, i cant swallow, and everything i have in mind is exploding inside me.

I can only think that we are in communication, since when has started this magical connection.

I see Wunjo and Jera in front of me, and i can only hold back the air for then throw it away. 

I can feel you that are pulling me toward you, and whispering just to listen to our emotions, and our soft punch in the stomach is growing together. 

I close the eyes feeling your closiness more than before
I say “I love you”, but this phrase can’t contain all what i feel… what we feel for each other, it’s bigger that universe itself.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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