“You arrive” – short story – ♠1♠

From behind, embracing me delicately.
Your hands touching softly the t-shirt i have on, and with the most sweet tone of voice, you say me: ” I want to take you in a place”. 

I feel  your hand are caressing  continuosly my shirt, tightening me toward your body.
Delicately you spinned me, and you smile me.
Slowly our lips touching, and after a second later our glances meeting, and i caress your face, and everything around us expand itself, above all our emotions.

I don’t ask you where you want to take me, also to the end of the world is fine.
For me it enough going anywhere with you.
Without say nothing you stretching your hand for taking mine.
I’m starting to shake.

Your touch is as much gentle that i have a jolt, and your glance hypnotize me, despite your sunglasses: it enough to see your lips to understand what emotions are in your mind: suspended feelings, and your desire to kiss me, but in those seconds, everything is in suspension.
Your fingers are tightening my soft t-shirt, that little by little become always more tight on my chest. 

Slowly we start to walk, you don’t take me  your glance off. 
Also what is surrounding us, is in suspension, just our little eletric shocks  are crossing our minds like missiles, and our hearts are beating strong.

Slowly we feeling our souls lifting up to the sky, and merging one with another inside a slow spiral, for then fallen drop down inside us again. 
A chill cross our back, we stop, for a second: we looking at each other, but you nod me to continue. 
I’m biting my lips, as you do with your: sweetly.
In this walk, your hands are tightening my hips, and little by little i feel your body approaching to mine, and for a second i close the eyes throwing away the air from the lungs.

What is putting itself in front of me is one of the wonderful of sunset i ever seen. 
“Isn’t over here, let’s continue to walk”  you whisper me. 
I spin toward you, and those lips are always sweetly biting themselves, and slowly, i leave ajar mine, waiting for that moment in which our lips will touch each other.  
Beyond the emotion of where you are taking me to, there is all the atmosphere that you are creating, softly touching me, whispering words that seems more magical sounds, and our soft eleitric shocks that continuing to cross our minds so gently.

Everything seems itself building, while we across the landscape, and our emotions are enveloping us.
Then your gentle tight delicately become a bit stronger. 
Our eletric shocks, little by little are becoming always more incessants. 

All in a sudden, you sigh: “Let’s stop”, and you spin me toward you. 
I look at down, then i look your shirt, unfastened to the right point, then you take my face, and slowly you lift it toward your. 
Delicately, our breathes are becoming fast, and also your lips are ajar. 
Our hearts are going crazy.
I see your breath is increasing throughout your nostrils.
I would like to ask you “Where are you have taken me to?” but i remain in silence: it would be an useless question: each place it’s the right place i would stay forever with you. 
After a minute in which our faces softly touched, and our lips, finally were meeting, you say me: “Look…”
I look at you first,  then i spin, but i close the eyes.

Slowly i feel your arms embracing me sweetly, and delicately you pulling me toward you. 
I want dive completely myself in that magical artmosphere in which you have taken me to. 
Your arms are tightening me sweetly, and they sofltly lifting and down, each time i take a deep breathe.

I moan for bit.
I’m at completly mercy of your embrace, your breath, your perfume. 

Then, tightening me strong the belly you say me: “Open the eyes, look at where i have taken you to…”
Slowy i open the eyes and turning the neck, i look at you, and you kiss me sweetly, then tightening your arms against my belly, i turn the face, and what is put in front of me is the other side of the Burn Valley.

You are tightening me sweetly against your chest. 
Remaining speechless, i lean completely against you, but you spin me, and to end those lips are kiss each other passionately.”



*story based on his latest instastory on 13july21

Listen to it⇓⇓


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