Now – 32th open letter to Luke

I’m lookin at me around, throwing away the air from the lungs, looking for a reason for everything what i feel in these instants, and everything is taking me to you.

It were several days that i didn’t feel such great emotions like these, and even the numbers are surrounding me, more than before, and this make me close the stomach still more.
It’s hard to explain what i’m feeling. 

Each time i try, but what i feel  that start to the stomach to arrive in head, and each time it’s the same what i write here, and i repeat myself.

What is still surprise me is that everything is being born from the belly, from the very first time has happened, and i’m still asking “Was it born by chance?”
And now there were addding the double numbers. 

A slow evolution in these  latest five years:  from before, my little intuitions, to eletrick shocks,  from the appearing of the double numbers, that in someways they take me to you, always envelop by that sensation that it says me that we are bonded by a thin magical thread.
And now that i’m writing you this umpteenth open letter, the double numbers are dancing around me, like  on the day of your birthday: each time i looked at the clock of the smartphone they were there to say me something.
I have a chill along the back, if i thinking it again, and i’m sure you would say “It’s impossible.” 
On the contrary it has happened.

Since i was a child i believed to be a witch, but only in these latest five years, every senses of mine were developed, and it were grow up from when that magic is born among us, even if unconsciously.

Then if i think to the only thing of you have done: that small setting you have put just as soon after…. your… 
Throw away the air from the lungs, it’s the only thing i can do thinking to all this.

And what i’m feeling, even now, are your arms that embracing me from behind, and our heart are beating strong at unison, while everything is start from the stomach.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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