“Slowly you” – ♥47♥

Have embrace me from behind, and without thinking, i tightened the arms that enveloped me, as we were the anchor of the other. 

What we had seen in few second it made us left breathless, and now who we were looking at, it was a creature free from everything what he have had to bring on his shoulders, and now a shy smile was being born on his face, and he seemed ready to face up to another challenge.

We were coming out from that bubble in which we were, with  alot questions in head, but one in particular was turning in everybody present: it was enough to say that one word in front of the person which we had hurt, and to look at in their heart for burn every bad thing, and feel free, and restart to live in peace with yourself?
It was a thing that all human beings had forget, and that small rule, it was worthing more in that small world, and that creature had learned it on his own skin. 

Little by little, each inhabitants of Blue City, was perceiving that small but important message, from that creature, who at all costs had wanted to excuse himself with us.

Even this time Blue City had left us an indeleble sign. 
We had saluted everyone, and slowly, they made themselves apart, and when we taken a look to the Fenkuz’s mirror, we understod that the time has came. 
It missing just really few minutes, and in those instants we have just take an intense glance to the greater group of our dearest friends, who were attending to the most magical, and misterious game of light.
We were surrounded by those tiny multi colors particles, and little by little, we were disappeared inside, and together to the Fenkuz’ mirror without to be lost in some strange black hole.

Without realizing we were fallen inside the shack, falling by a side from the silver slab, making a great noise.
Those who has came first inside was Bathuè, who has been sat on that rock outside for all the time, had said the Markùts, who had thought that he had a bit esagerated, but Fenkuz said: “He ‘s done the right thing”, stretching his paw to take his mirror.
We had forget how much he jelous he was  of his mirrors, and his crystals. 
Then we have seen arrive Giant Wolf with his puppy, followed by Amber who seemed the most anxious to hear how it went, and looking at herself around on her sweet smiling face printed itself a question, and looking at me she asked: “I believed that…” 
Nodding we shrugghed.

Leaving the shack, you have begin saying: “It’s more complicated than we had figured it” then the small Abe on his branch said: “Rome hasn’t been build in one day…”
Everybody had looked at him stunned, but Abe had never said things haphazardly, then they have looked at us, and we have had to just nodded.
We would tell everybody how it went later, when the evening would be came.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“We knew” – ♥46♥

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