I started

To feel your clossiness just few hours before that you have posted this.
When i seen again that screen before to see your instagram story: you have reset it again: that small screen has become our strange way of communication. 

It’s true,  i’ve been busy with the novel, but even you.
Our eletric shocks were almost vanished, but all in a sudden it appeared again everything: the soft punch in the stomach, my head that explodes,  your perfume around me, and above all your sweet embrace, and my shaking hands.

Now i’m waiting for you here, and i know you will arrive soon. 

My head is exploding, i hold back the emotions with all force inside me, and all those signs around me, tell me are them surrounding even you.

In that hid eyes, i see a whole world that you want make me discover slowly. 
My heart is beating hard. 
I can’t swallow.
I throw away the air from the lungs: make me understand i’m not going crazy. 
Tell me that we are in two we are going crazy.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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