“We knew” – ♥46♥

What she would have asked us, and without  wasted her time, you have explained her about our time tunnel, explaining also that we had thought to ask her to come with us in Our Parallel World. 

As we have thought, in her glance we had seen the titubance, but without turns of words, we made her understand that as soon we had seen the big change of Blue City, it would be a big sacrifice for each one of our friends of that wonderful city, and throught the Fenku’z mirror  our time was about to expire, and we wanted say good bye to everyone, and don’t make the same mistake of the previous time.

The Fenkuz’ mirror was indicating, throught a light’s game the remaining time: when those light would be vanished, there would be no more time to get back: and now the mirror has became for three-quarters dark, and now each minute was really important.
“We know, we have made a mistake to ask Lizard the key of the storage room… and… to remain there” you said to Mantis who was about to say something, but who spoke has been Lizard who has arrived from behind her shoulders, and he had catched your latest words, and he exclaimed: “What mistake! You had not make any mistake, on the contrary, you given us the right push: it has been what we had need. No mistakes on your part.”
Mantis was looking at us in silence, and slowly she nodded. 

 With a wave of her thin green hands Mantis made the other creatures in the Bill local, approach to our table, and with few words has explained that in few hours or even minute, we would had to leave Blue City, indicating the Fenkuz’ mirror on the table.
We knew, that we would had just few time to stay in Blue City, and each glance we had shared with each one of them, it was meaning much even that one more fugacious with the creature never met before, maybe because caged in their houses covered by mold during the battle against Zora.

Silently, we had thanked one by one, and among those glance, one in particular had captured my attention: and one second later, in those blue eyes i had recognized that creature, who Zora had caged in the concrete in the latest borderline, and he was looking for to hid himself 
In his face it was printed just a word: “Sorry”
While you was looking to thank as much creatures possible, i got up, and made me space among the others inhabitants. 
The creature was next to the great window next to the entrance, and he was about to go out.
“Hey you, wait don’t go away!… Please!” 
To my words he stopped, but he didn’t turned.
We were alone in a Blue City desolated: i waited for he spinned himself, but he didn’t.
“Please turn yourself” i whispered him.: slowly i was approaching to him, and when i was capabale to touch his shoulder, i’ve made it with such delicateness that he had a small jolt. 
“Hey look at me… please don’t feel yourself guilty, it hasn’t been your fault, look what has became Blue City.”

Slowly he turned, and his eyes were holding back many emotions, and just when our glances met for the first time, he ran to me and he hid his face among my arms, asking me to forgive him.
“You have nothing to have be forgiven” i said him. 

Everybody present, inside the local had saw the scene, and slowly came out with you, side by side by Mantis who said you: “Since you have left Blue City, despite we had defeated Zora, he never forgive himself for what you had faced up to in that latest damned borderline for his guilt.” Mantis left that speech in suspended.
Everybody present knew that it wasn’t his guilt, but until he would not say a real Sorry to both of us, he would not have be really forgiven. 

Lizard, who was behind you, has given you a soft push, and slowly you have approached to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. I looked at you, and i said to the creature to lift his face saying him: “Now you can set free yourself from that heavy weight that you have brought till now.”

Slowly he lifted his, almost normal face, and when we  have looked at him, smiling, we whispered him: “Everything has passed, it’s ok”, he taken fire, and becoming ashe, and after seconds later he taken again form. 
He was  a sort of Phoenix: to set free himself, he had to hear those words directly from us to burn his sins, and reborn. 

We hadn’t time to remain breathless that everything it was got back like it was before.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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