“The Chameleon woman” – ♥44♥

Had poured the Luminiscent in the glassees that she had put on the table, and without realized, the most famous drink of Blue City, was starting to merge each emotion of inhabitants inside the Bill’s local in his liquid.

For a long time we have stared it, as if it was a magical potion, and i remained breathless, because in his luminiscence i have seen how much beauty that city had still to give, and i had forget how many emotion it could see throught that drink
Unconsciously, it had spreaded his colors in all the local, and it had made it wonderful, despite it wasn’t ready to host his usual clients, who were working hard inside to settled the latest particulars.

It seemed to be inside the most beautiful rainbow never existed before, and more the local was assuming a form of a place in which it could be stay, more the Luminiscent drink was absorbing all the emotions of who were inside. 

Naturally, we hadn’t drink not even a sips. 
Inside the trasparent bottle there was a spiral color’s game, what that was happening, even inside our glasses, and we had thought that if we had drunk even a drop we would been sucked by those great emotions, already such big in the air, that we have prefered leave the multi color liquid inside the glasses. 

Now, in that local, more or less, there was all Blue City, and just when the latest thing was settled in its place, and everybody were remained for a second in silence, a small vortex that was collecting all the  feelings of everybody present, entered  inside the bottle, and the small stopper, till now on the table, magically lifted itself, and has closed ermetically the trasparent bottle of the Luminiscent.

Everybody remained breathless, staring that bottle continuing to spread all those floating wonderful colors inside the local.
Even you, coming to me, was kneel yourself by my side have continued to stared them. 

In the silence, someone sighed: “It seems that Bill is still here…”
Everybody turned themselves toward a big bald, grey creature hunched forward: he seemed the most moved among every present. 

We remained to stared him speechless: despite his great size and his look of a bad one with a leather black jacket without sleeves, he seemed the most vulnerable.
I didn’t ever met him before: he seemed more attached to Bill than others, and this moved me, and i decided to got up to say him some words of  encouragement.
Everybody present remained in silent, while i went in the middle of the local to tight his enormous hands, and look for to see his face toward down.

Sighing, i said: “I’m sure, the most important part of him is still here, between these walls, and what we have seen before, it would have make him happy… look at the bottle, look at what colors has inside.”
Almost in a thread o voice the big creature said: “The Luminiscent was a his recipe… and when he was able to collected the first emotion inside of it he’s been real happy.” I remained breathless: we hadn’t know that. 

I looked at you for a second, then i taken again his enormous hands, and finally our glances met: his face was round, and his eyes were totally black, but in that blackness it could perceive much tenderness, and one big tear was falling from his grey face: falling, it wet my hands: he excused himself. 
You came to me, and slowly said him: “Now in that bottle there are the most beautiful emotions that Bill would wanted to feel: laughs, smiles, grateful, and even the most moving: without realizing, we hae tributed Bill, in the best way possible.”
We were looking at one of the biggest creature of Blue City, with a heart still greater.

For a moment we looked at each other without say nothing.”


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